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michil Sunday, 1 June 2014

The rooster, Pareto, and perfection!

To say that perfection does not exist does not help us a lot. Any interpretation depends on what you mean by perfection and in this sense we start to venture into the area of logic. 
The rooster, Pareto, and perfection!
The theory of Pareto, leaving aside for a moment mathematical calculations and percentages, has the advantage of helping us to separate the few things really important from the many things a great deal less important.
However if we leave behind this empahsis on rationality for a moment or two and consider some of the more subtle factors which count then it really is the cry of the cock early morning this time of year which tells us something more, it being a perfect pitch celebrating something between the sacred and the sublime!! And when we think about it it is not a love song a sort of perfection in itself, and if we take another example is not the colour which the dolomite mountains take on late in the afternoon a sublime perfection in its own right? Even when the peaks break up it is a sort of perfection in action for there was also perfection when they rose from the sea bed. Perfection in emerging and perfection when they no longer exist! This is what Nature presents us for it is Nature which has invented all and we poor humans may attempt to create perfection and copy Nature in its workings but we will never succeed. On the contrary our actions often have a destructive force. And this notwithsatanding do we not often still try and often waste time in seeking perfection? The principle of Pareto, he one of the leading italian economists, was based on the empirical 80/20 statement which declares that most effect is created by a limited number of causes. The 80/20 relationship is significant in a great number of instances. For example 80% of the world’s wealth is in the hands of 20% of the population and we ourselves can count ourselves fortunate to be among the lucky ones in this world. 80% of railway profit comes from the 20% of the routes which are not in debit, and it is also said that 80% of the turnover of a company comes from the action of 20% of its employees. If, as Pareto claims, there are few causes (20%) which create the majority of problems (80%), we really do need to concentrate on doing the best with the minimum of effort.
In our work the maximum dedication to the guest is not sufficient in guaranteeing satisfaction levels, and te guest being happy to have chosen to stay with us in the first place. We have never sought to adopt rigid calculations and statistics to achieve levels of guest satisfaction. We well know that to carry out this wonderful calling 100% enthusiasm is required and we are convinced that the choices we make are right because we believe in them profoundly. Economic considerations need surely to be made but the profit aspect of our company is only one of the important aspects we consider when looking at the reason for our activity. We are certain that the guests are happy when we are able to operate in complete transparency, when we are able to dedicate even more time to our Family Foundation, when the ecological emphasis we adopt is shared and pratised by all. One of our objectives is the attention to the people who work with us so as to assure their wellbeing for we are very much an extended family. When the smile of Goran, the lad in the kitchen, reaches out to all our guests the satisfaction we feel will be total! In essence it is a question of clean and positive energy which reaches out and embraces everybody. When the waiter serves at the table with a a really sincere smile and not a false grin the  satisfaction is great also. In a certain sense that radiant smile is perction in itself – just like the cock’s cry early in the morning and a declaration of true love. These are the really important things which we hold dear. The happiness of the guest is not achieved simply by dedicating total attention to him or her but when we are able to appreciate as one the beauty of things. And this involves finding the time to dedicate to ourselves in full knowledge of the essential beauty in and around us.

michil costa
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