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Nicolò Monday, 16 April 2018

Vintage Party

To celebrate the end of the ski season the the tourism associations of Alta Badia have for some years organised a party with an ‘old times’ theme: out on the slopes there are lots of colours and a lot of fun to be had.
Vintage Party
What is all the excitement about? Maybe because it is the final day of the season and the lifts and the hotels themselves are about to close, and it also true that it will be the last day of work after four months of non-stop endeavour.
For a few years now it is the celebration which everyone in Val Badia looks forward to! It is a sort of village fest, but more besides, and there are people who come from wide and far to take part. Folks have spent a while searching in the barns and garages to find an item of dress from yesteryear and which will be ideal for the day. What is all the excitement about? Maybe because it is the final day of the season and the lifts and the hotels themselves are about to close, and it also true that it will be the last day of work after four months of non-stop endeavour. Certainly, the idea of a vintage party appeals as it is full of colour and gaiety. At times it seems that the times of those legends of skiing, Alberto Tomba and Gustav Thöni have returned, such are the outfits worn by enthusiastic revellers. And then those skis of two metres with sharp points reappear. Everyone is a friend for the day and there is a mix of happiness and celebration everywhere you look. Many of the rifugi have live music and many bars offer the popular drinks of the seventies and eighties, and some even offer prices of those times.
Races are organised and the slopes and the gates are organised as time ago and even the skiing styles can be termed as vintage.
On the day I am at my place in Ladinia and already at 9.00 in the morning groups appear and order ‘miscele’ - spuma and red wine it is – and I sell it at the cost of one single Euro! Yes, even the prices are vintage in style. Today is a special day for all and many try and persuade me to leave the bar open and join them on the slopes. I try to find an excuse or two to not join them but they are very insistent – perhaps they want the drinks totally free of charge! Anyway, I usually manage to resist until mid-afternoon and then I too search out my skis and an old jumper and baggy trousers and make an appearance on the slopes. What a sight it is out there on the slopes for there is a real party mood and as I pass by a rifugio or two I see that the party is in full swing. It is even a little sad to think that tomorrow will be quiet all around. But then again there is another season soon to come.
The sun soon starts to go down and my short outing on the slopes is over and it is time for me to get back to work. I slip away quietly from the company I am in, for if I announce my departure my friends would not let me out of the door. I glide down my last slope of the season and make my way to Murin, where all is ready, ready to party that is. Mathias is at the door, suitably dressed in an old woolen jumper of Signor Costa – one of those famous ones which the first ski teachers in Corvara used to wear. Luca is acting as DJ and is already entertaining all with music from the Seventies and Eighties. The Murin is certainly a place which knows how to organise a party. There is no place like it in the valley. I say this not out of loyalty or friendship but all acknowledge it as pure fact. And so let’s party ‘til late, for tomorrow will come and in the quiet of the day we will look forward to next year’s Vintage Party.

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