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Francesco Ricci Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The secret of the massage is in the massage itself

The secret of the massage is a question of dialogue: this is why in Spa La Perla each and every treatment is not a repeat procedure but a new and invigorating treatment which takes you far and does wonders for your wellbeing.
The secret of the massage is in the massage itself
"It is not easy for me, accustomed as I am to thinking a thousand different things simultaneously. Perhaps this is the real secret of wellbeing I summise, the very absence of thoughts can be a great thing."
Little did I realise that the massage experience actually begins in one’s own room. Clothes off, robe on, hair right, and down one goes – I choose the lift which is rare for me but the thought of parading around the hotel dressed all in white is a step too far for me. And then the time comes, the time to pass through the stout wooden door with iron handle to a world beyond – a world of wellbeing. I am a little apprehensive for it is not so easy to switch a switch and say ‘now all will change and i will immerse myself in a state of wellbeing’. I must say however that my reservation is unfounded for immediately on entering therein the welcoming scent of enticing aromas and the easy and warm greeting of Biancamaria puts me at my ease. I know instinctively that I will be in good hands and that care and consideration will be the features of my experience. I muse briefly on the fact that we are so reluctant at times to experience the new, we full of reservation and surrounded by doubt and not sure of our way or the manner of others. I need not have worried for the settling smile and firm yet tender handshake of Biancamaria calm me immediately and my transformation to this world of pamper and personalisation is a tranquil and reassuring one. Yes, the art of massage is certainly in ‘dialogue’ and in this Spa the skilled hands of the masseurs know how to listen and how to respond to the vibes which our body emits, be they positive or negative in their utterance. And what a skill it is to use the various techniques at the masseur’s disposition to respond to our inner vibrations: yes, the massage needs to be every time focused on the actual state of an individual for we are always in a state of flux and needing of different pressure and different application on each and every occasion. I smile to myself for I realise that no matter what books I have read, what journeys I have undertaken, what music I have absorbed, whatever experience I have encountered in the creation of my individual individuality, I must for this experience put all of my cultural baggage to one side, stop for a moment or more to discuss, debate, decide, and let myself surrender to the soothing hands of the masseur. Lindita is to be my masseur and she accompanies me to a small and simple room and the impact is immediate for it is as if I leave the Dolomites behind and journey to Tibet such is the effect of pleasant aromas and relaxing music. Amazing. I begin to detect aromas of herbs or spices or perfumes from other far off lands too and they are all here in this unpretentious room which has little more than a massage bed to celebrate its existence. Lindita leaves me alone for a minute or two and I follow instructions to derobe and lie face down on the bed, and I even enjoy a private moment where I close out my everday thoughts for a new journey and new experience is awaiting me and I must shut my mind to all else. It is not easy for me, accustomed as I am to thinking a thousand different things simultaneously. Perhaps this is the real secret of wellbeing I summise, the very absence of thoughts can be a great thing. How foolish I am for I almost go through a ritual of shutting out persons dear to me and breathe deeply in preparation for what is about to begin. Lindita’s hands begin to manipulate my well worn body and it as if her movements encourage me to tell her more, to put aside thoughts and make way for her invigorating touch. My thoughts are stubborn and leave reluctantly, convinced as they are that they have pride of place in my temple, but slowly my mundane worries and concerns fade. As if by magic notes of music pervade the atmosphere and play to the tune of Lindita’s hands as they work over me to ease tension, stretch muscles, and look to introduce positive vibes. And it is working, waves of concentrated pleasure take me to marvelous places far far away – beaches, atolls, archipelagos. What a sensation and what pleasure, and total absence of fear or restlessness too. The seas are calm and the skies are blue. It is as if I am airborne on my flying carpet, rising above the clouds in a new sensual and cosmic world, all pressures and interferences cast aside for ever. And it is all to do with the hands, for they guide you willingly and lead you to new sources of energy, and your body is learning fast how to play the game, for it gives in to the the new command system as it is sure now to find new impulses. It is as if there in a rejuvenation process in action, a regeneration of our whole muscular system. And more besides for the penetrating hands seek out the nervous system too and free you from the dull routine of responding to order after order. Special moments which take you out of yourself and take you up to heavenly heights where there is time to rejoice and realise the state of wellbeing you have achieved.
For clarification’s sake I should indicate that the massage I so enjoyed was La Perla’s signature treatment and finds its place among the menu of ‘mountain massages’, taking pride of place in Spa La Perla: stone massages, cirmolo based massages, aromatic herb massages, honey based massages. Important to note is that part of the price of these massages is donated to the Costa Family Foundation which looks to support the less fortunate in different parts of the world. Besides the mountain massages there are other forms of treatments and pleasures which La Perla is pleased to offer its guests. Biancamaria, as Spa manager, has all the information you need. Yes the secret of the massage is in the dialogue, the interaction of hands and body which leads to great benefits for personal wellbeing.

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