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Mathias Sunday, 2 August 2015

The man from Navarre in the Dolomites

Miguel Indurain is above all a gentleman. Calm, sensible, no-frills. This modesty has a lot to do with class, style and good manners. He is our guest and will be riding around with the friends of inGamba, the team that takes care of the cycling activities of the Casa. We hope this experience becomes more and more vivacious, intense and awarding. And complete too, thanks to men like Miguel.
The man from Navarre in the Dolomites
“One of the greatest road racing cyclists shares his experience with the inGamba team and the guests of the Casa.”
Winner of five Tours and of two Giros, he is still going strong. He's still a brilliant climber but on flatland you'll never be able to keep pace with him. Luckily, there is not much flatland in the Dolomites! He arrived with his own bike to prove that cyclists are special people, if you didn't already know it. As I look at Indurain, I recall another great racing cyclist, Laurent Fignon, who maintained that cycling is an art that's alive, one of the safest means of transport that man invented and a way to create happiness and get to know yourself. We are in the Pinarello lounge and I've got a few questions ready. An interview with Indurain for the friends of Pills. Not bad, is it? Outside, a rooster starts crowing so loud that it momentarily takes the place of the relaxed and quiet voice of Miguel.

How do you and your bike get on today?                                                                 
Very well. No racing and no competitions for me though. I train simply for the pleasure of cycling. I like riding my bike.
If I say Dolomites, what do you remember?
When I was a racing cyclist, the Dolomites were a difficult moment for me. I am not a climber – he smiles -, yes, I was good during climbing stages but I was heavy so when the Giro included the Dolomites, it was always a bit difficult for me. The ups and the downs..... Now it's Paradise.

Te gusta…
Yes, the mountain tops, the roads, there is nothing better.

There has been a lot of talk about closing the passes of the Dolomites to cars and motorbikes. What do you think about that?
It's not an easy choice but closing roads to traffic two or three hours a day, during weekends at least, would be fantastic. I wasn't expecting to see so many cyclists here and - who knows - by closing roads to motorised traffic, there could be many more. Riding downhill, traffic is very dangerous. Riding without having to worry about cars and motorbikes would make everything simpler.  

Did you take part in any outings with the inGamba group? What do you think about our project?
It's a good idea, a great way to be a tourist, with a guide explaining the route, the support of the team car. Great, really. And the guys are great too, Eros - Poli, an ex-professional – a person with experience to spare.
Entering the Pinarello Lounge and seeing your Espada, the innovative bike you rode to beat the world record, what effect did it have on you?
I remember the strain, the work and the effort that we all put into that record. The first attempts on a carbon bike, tests in the wind tunnel. Such a big satisfaction and emotion.

Are you feeling at home at the Casa?
Yes, it's a nice place. A bit difficult to reach though – he laughs - it's a long way but as soon as I got here I found it all perfect. The Perla is always perfect, good food, nice atmosphere, no problem at all.

Why did you choose to come by car? It's over three thousand kilometres. You could have booked a flight. 
By driving here, I managed to take my bike with me. I will be staying a while in Italy and having a car makes things easier.        

If you had a lot of available time, would you stay two weeks at the Perla?

Winter or summer?
I'm not fond of winter and cold weather. I know, it's nice, there's a lot of bustle, snow but el frio non me gusta. I prefer summer. And my bike likes it too.

Mathias Costa
The man from Navarre in the Dolomites
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