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Marco Friday, 13 July 2018

The ideal rucksack

The really indispesnable things are not those which we often think of as useful. Marco, our guide, tells us how we should approach the question of preparing the rucksack. Marco, after all, is not an ordinary guide and he will accompany you in a new way of interpreting and enjoying the mountains.
The ideal rucksack
My ideal rucksack is a red one, for so, all will realise that I have arrived and and am ready to go.
Last year in some parts of the Alps there was a surprise reappearance of wolves. It even happened to me once to have to protect a flock of sheep from some hungry teeth. It was not an easy task at all. However, let’s now look forward to the season ahead and I would like to dedicate my attention dear friends and guests to the question of how best to prepare your rucksack for hikes and excursions in the Dolomites.
My ideal rucksack is a red one, even if some would maintain that I should choose a more neutral colour as a question of discretion. I, however, rest with my original choice, as at least in this way all will realise that I have arrived and and am ready to go. It is not a showy rucksack with ribbons and the like, just a plain cylindrical thing that is easy to wear and protects its few essential contents from the rain. Extravegant that I am, I pack it from the top towards the bottom, and then I am sure to have the most essential things at hand.
In easy reach I always put the greeting, just as Mauro Corona advises. The greeting is far more important than the coffee and the croissant, there is always time and place in the breakfast room for such indulgence. More vital is to give a greeting to each human being one might come across while out for the day.
In second position is placed dignity. Dignity was part of creation itself; it does not bow to my every word but it is a very necesasary element to exist well and is something which may be possessed by others too. I have another type of dignity in my rucksack, a type which is very useful to me. It is the dignity to not complain – not to complain if our destination still seems far away, nor if a mere cloud appears in the sky, and nor if things are not going exactly as I had thought.
In third place comes availability. I wanted to put respect, a quality which is not always innate, but on second thoughts I choose the former as I think it is important to always be available, so as to learn from others, and to be guided by who is more expert to put into practice that which has been learned. It’s fair to say that I am still a beginner in this respect and have much to learn.
In fourth position I put faith, as faith and trust are part of one and the same thing. I speak about faith in others, in life itself, in God in heaven, for even if this God seems hidden at times, he protects and cares for us – if we allow him to do so that is. With this way of thinking I can always go on further even if I do not see the destination clearly.
On the fifth level of my priority list I put my heart. This heart of mine gives me the enthusiasm I need and reminnds me that we together are better than alone and that if we work together we can achieve great things.
Sixth place sees talents safely packed away.How useful these talents are! They take up a fair bit of space but if distrubuted around there is space for them all.
And so, we have arrived at the seventh position. My rucksack is not never-ending in space and this is the final place. Here, in this place, I put all the rest, true to say my cap, my jacket, my suncream, water,plasters and those other small things which make our day out easier and less stressful.
I coud have added that I put in also preparation. An English friend of mine told me that good preparation always assured a fine result. Despite such advice I would like to remind you that we should not spend too much time in preparation as otherwise we will risk losing the day itself: after all is said and done, should we forget our cap we can always put a large leaf on our head!
Con cariño,

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