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mErCh Saturday, 16 June 2018

The ‘guardian angel’ of our Ciasa

The way we welcome and receive guests is a concrete expression of our understanding of what hospitality involves.
The ‘guardian angel’ of our Ciasa
Sure, our ‘guardian angel’ cannot promise to ove both heaven and earth, but can do the most possible to make guests feel at their ease.
The term is ‘welcome’. It is an important term which indicates the way one welcomes and receives a person, especially if the person in question happens to be a guest. There can be different types of welcome: friendly, celebratory, affectionate, warm, cordial; or even cold, impolite, distant, inhospitable. In other words, one can receive persons in a good or a bad way. It may seem a banal concept but it is not at all. At least, for us here in the hotel, the way we welcome and receive guests is a concrete expression of our understanding of what hospitality involves. We could speak for long on the values attached to a concept of hospitality, perhaps even outdoing the Greeks in philosophical definitions. However, if our handshake is not firm and does not transmit security, and in the moment of first impact we are disappointing, not open to assist, not aware of all that is going on around the guest as he or she crosses our doorstep, then our fine words count for very little indeed. Worse again would be that our declared concept would have mere abstract value and we would not be of an acceptable standard in our work. We ourselves wish to go far further than the acceptable and show that our values concerning the treatment afforded to a guest are practised on a daily basis. And it is with this in mind that we have thought of the figure of a ‘guardian angel’ who can welcome and be readily available for guests throughout their stay. Sure, our ‘guardian angel’ cannot promise to move both heaven and earth, but can do the most possible to make guests feel at their ease here in the hotel. Our appointed person has the responsibility, liasing with the various sector heads, to ensure that guests have an excellent individually tailored experience whilst here and enjoy the area in the most pleasant and rewarding of ways. With all this in mind, we have identified Nicolò as the person to be the point of reference in fulfilling this important, delicate, and all-embracing task. Nicolò, already familiar to many as your host at Ladinia, is a man with a smile, a quick and discreet way of moving, and is gifted of a spontaneous sensitivity which enables him to observe, take in, and respond to many things with a cultured sense of appreciation. You will find him available in many places – in the breakfast room, in the bistro, at the bar, in the restaurants. You will be able to exchange with him on various – just a chat maybe, a comment or two on the weather, advice on where to go and what to do, and on all which is of interest and concern to you. Yes, Nicolò, from the start of this summer season, one we hope is rich of sunshine and fine days, will be the person responsible for welcoming guests to the hotel and being available for whatever query during their stay. Make sure to introduce yourself, if he does not get to you first (!) and he will do more than his best to handle all your queries with discretion and warm aplomb. Taking the place of Nicolò at Ladinia will be Nadine, sure to entice you with her bright and contagious smile. Nadine may be young, but she has an experience handed down from her family. She has already been a colleague of ours – in the front office, in bookings, in the Stua de Michil. She knows well how things work here in the hotel and in fact since a young age she has known all about hospitality and welcoming guests, in that her family run the Edelweiss rifugio above Colfosco, and along with her brother Giorgio, he now the celebrated chef in the rifugio, she has acquired that simplicity and naturalness of approach essential to welcoming and taking care of guests. Therefore dear guests, as you see from these words, we have been busy in this period between one season and another, taking decisions which have one fundamental objective – making you the guest feel really and completely at home when you are with us. As the season start is now upon us rest assured that you will have the pleasure of meeting both Nicolò and Nadine in their new roles.

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