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michil Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Church as defender of Nature

It burned witches, led the Crusades, held court on all, condemned many, raped and raped again, infringed rights, destroyed much, and sinned repeatedly. And today it is the same Church, which along with the catholic world, both at Confindustria and at the Fiat stronghold of Marchionne, supports the return of Monti to Palazzo Chigi.
The Church as  defender of Nature
Personally I would wish for a Church coming out in support of the rights of Nature
03/01/2013 from "Corriere dell'Alto Adige"

The commitement to save Italy, the ‘Belpaese’, is understandable, for the truth is that we are all interdependent. Italy, for a number of reasons, needs to form alliances, exchange produce, interact with European partners. Our economy is tied to the logic of the single monetary union and our country has a public debt which cannot be taken lightly. International cooperation is, in consequence, of a fundamental nature.
However the position of the church is a different matter. Personally I would wish for a Church coming out in support of the rights of Nature. I would want a church which constantly reiterated the importance of environmentalism and ensuing implications of both an ethical and social nature, and not just doing so in occasion of the Preservation of Creation Day on 1st of September. Yet the Church is often a friend of the powers who be, an opposer, and more besides, of gays and lesbians, a believer in the devil, identifying its presence in what it deems just to do so at any particular moment in time. This Church we have does not even have the right to be offended by the attacks which come its way, for it is its very enunciations which bring such feeling and criticism on itself.
I am not upset with the Church because it previously supported Berlusconi and today leans towards Monti. The thing I cannot pardon is the more general trait of meddling in party politics and expressing preferences. This latest endorsement it bestows is a further act by which it weakens its credibility.
The Church should very much be doing other things. It has colonised entire peoples and today it continues to practise assistance in Africa. Of course humanitarian aid is welcome in emergency situations but not to the extreme of seeking to make converts, this by donating them grain without instructing them to sew and harvest, for this in a certain sense is a strategy of marketing.
I do not want a Church which interferes in party politics, I want a Church which takes us by the hand and leads us towards Beauty and Truth. I am not interested in a Church which consecrates virgins. I want a Church which distributes contraceptives in Africa.
To belong to a Church which, after having only partially recognised its past errors, now officially backs powerful financial institutions and a political party, does not appeal to me.

michil costa
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