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Valerio Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Rossano is our ski expert for every occasion

When it comes to ski, boot, snowshoe, snowboard, fatbike hire there is no better person than Rossano – a true expert on all things white.
Rossano is our ski expert for every occasion
Rossano seems to have established a personal challenge with me, it being to get me to ski and descend from Col Alt in great style. A concierge from Sardinia flying down the slopes – can you imagine?
Being responsible for the Front Office means having to deal with and resolve the most diverse requests of our guests. It might be as simple as booking a restaurant, as difficult as finding a cobbler on Christmas Day, and as often happens giving advice on the best type of skis to enjoy the magnificent slopes of Alta Badia to the full. And it is this latter case that I really do risk coming unstuck because when it comes to sking I know practically nothing. However it is correctly said that a competent concierge always knows who to turn to. Now, when it comes to ski matters there is in my considered opinion no-one better than Rossano of SportKostnerRent to deal with questions of hire and suitability of equipment. He literally knows everything about skis, boots, sticks, snowshoes. Whatever it is he has the answer. And this is true whether we are talking about downhill or off-piste sking, stuff for kids, and of course snowboarding too comes into his realm of knowledge. And that’s not an exhaustive list I give for he even has a choice of fatbikes – those really wide tyred monsters that enable one to cycle on the snow.
His shop is a nice balance of the oldy wordly and the modern. Here around all the locals speak knowledgeably about sking for they really do have experience on the subject and they do so in an informative and entertaining way. As for Rossano himself it is his professional and kind manner which distinguishes him and gives me the confidence to recommend his services to our clients. Strangely he comes from a coastal area, from Trieste in fact, not far from Venice. Not to worry however for he has lived here in Corvara since 1999 and he knows first-hand all about black and red slopes and gullies and crevasses. He is a well-travelled man and I particularly like to listen to him when he is talking about the differences between sking here in the Dolomites and in New Zealand. He always has a smile and a joke ready and is quick and smart in giving advice. He even has some strange equipment in the shop, looking as if it has jumped out of a scince fiction film-set, which measures your feet in a particular way whereby it is the boots and the ski which adapt to the person and not vice-versa. It is all beyond me! As for his way of dealing with the kids it is really fantastic, for although he has always a lot to do he manages to keep calm and enjoys having a bit of fun with the young ones. All in all his attention to guests goes beyond a simple professional engagement. There is real passion and pride in his work and you see it in his gestures. And when it comes to waxing the skis and sharpening the edges they say he is second to none in his trade. Another advantage is that he delivers equipment free of charge direct to us here at the hotel and it is always a pleasure to see his van pull up outside, knowing that he will have something humurous to say. His wife is American and in his travels he has picked up several languages so that is not a bad thing either. I forgot to mention one thing and it is a good note to finish on. He seems to have established a personal challenge with me, it being to get me to ski and descend from Col Alt in great style. I am not sure if this will be the year he succeeds and the spectacle will be there for all to see. After all I am from Sardinia and we island folk are not renowned for our elegance on the slopes. It would be a really crazy thing if he did succeed one day!

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