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michil Sunday, 1 August 2010

Let the mountain peace thrive!

On a formal note we are happy to report that the recently concluded Maratona dles Dolomites 2010 was a great success. 8789 participants out of more than 25.000 applicants, 6 hours of live television coverage. To be at the head of the organisation team makes me very proud. How do they pedal for hours and hours, up and down, down and up? Are they all possessed of super powers? No, but…
Let the mountain peace thrive!
All the participants without exception fix the mselves a demanding target: to be in charge of their own time. They need to train and be persistent and consistent.. They need to measure time not be engulfed by it; they are not clinging desperately to time, but making use of the time as an ally, just as if it were the most precious of things; a jewel to look at with enthusiasm – and what enthusiasm you need! In Latin it is summed up as ‘En-thèos, invasamento Divino’.

In a way we also need to be aware of the very Divinity that is within us. To be at one with a bicycle you need both enthusiasm and time. Consistency and motivation are essentials – get to grips with the bike and off we go.
Once the wheels roll all changes. Made up excuses no longer have any part to play, no tricks to play or fall victim to. From now on it is all muscle, head and heart. Words are no longer necessary. The only music will be the slight swish of the chain. The only murmur will be the panting of my breath – my lungs, my engine stepping into gear.

“ I take possession of myself, my thoughts are freed, everyday concerns vanish, each and every pedal is a problem resolved and an opportunity gained. I am the expression of my desire. Nobody bombards me with thousands of questions, nobody or no thing is demanding of my space nor my time, nothing is pressing. The only question that concerns me is: am I ready for the assault on Passo Giau, the king of the mountain passes.
I feel so free. I look around. Towering needles and plummeting gorges are still snowcovered and giving the appearance of giant tongues of giant dolomite creatures, clefts of rock formed by the glacial action of a time long ago. These are the real custodians of my limited time. These peaks formed from the volcanic eruptions of millions of years ago. Are they still rising? Are they still moving? But the time is too short to study in detail. How small I feel, how limited in my action, how unable to defend myself. But yet again faced with so much beauty I also feel serene. Serenity is a heaven under which all unfolds and blossoms. I too feel a flourishing part of all. This immense Nature is like a Mother to me. I will not grow old. I will become in true essence only that which I am..
Am I exaggerating or am I delirious? Perhaps it is tiredness or perhaps the intoxicating effect of this marvellous mountain world? Momentarily I lapse into contemplation of these ‘Pale Peaks’. It is too as if they contemplate my presence and take me into their womb.
These mountains are, unlike me, free of motivation.. Their very form is able to penetrate and see into me. They are an inspiration to me. I give up trying to understand, I finish thinking – are my Energy reserves so low? I just want to pedal. Let the silence be mine. Let me enjoy the intensity of the moment. A transitory but ever lasting moment. An eternal joy is mine. A realisation is mine - I have discovered ‘true joy’ “!

So, let the mountain peace thrive. And let each guest who comes here rejoice and ‘move’ in the splendid silence..

Let me promise you one thing. We shall be able to close - partially and at set times – the Dolomiti Passes. I said it 10 years ago and they said I was mad. Now, at last, things are changing.. Without the disturbing noise of the motorbikes and the traffic generally the joy to be experiences will be not only be ‘true joy’ but it will be lasting – for those of you who visit and those of us who live here.
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