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Mathias Wednesday, 16 September 2015

L'Murin and the memories' flour

I remember this little house beside the pool. During the summer it used to serve as changing room for the hotel guests. Me and my friends used to climb onto the roof and, after a three steps run-up, jump in the water. On second thought, instead of the water, we really risked to hit the porphyry cobbles which enclosed the pool edge; it would have been sufficient our jump to be just a little bit shorter. I don’t know if my mother liked the idea. We did it secretly and maybe Ernesto, my father, acted as if nothing had happened.
L'Murin and the memories' flour
“Whether it was a mill or not, this wood little house beside the hotel is very important for us.”
I remember that during the winter, this little house was used as a ski storage. I used to spend entire afternoons waxing and making the edges for the customers’ skis. Since I used to race I had to prepare my skis, therefore I took care of the customers’ equipment too. Sometimes I had to prepare up to ten pairs in an afternoon. This is how I made my first money. I was proud of it and homework could wait… I remember Ernesto inviting his friends to play a funny kind of curling on an ice rink, right above the little house. Me and my friends used this rink to play ice hockey. Unfortunately, after we had broken the edge, which was made in fiberglass, we were absolutely forbidden to keep playing there. Ernesto said the little house once was a mill. I don’t know, I think no one really believed him. So one day he came with an old, power-operated mill. He put it in the small house and made it work. He has always been crazy about engines; if it were up to him, he would make everything turn with a nice, poppling engine. So he called his friends and the hotel guests and showed them how the engine-driven mill ground the wheat and turned it into flour. 
I remember that, towards the end of the nineties, my brother Maximilian had a strange idea: turn the little mill-house into an après ski. So we travelled to see how these places worked in other areas, especially in the renowned Austrian alpine localities. We had so many ideas: let’s move it here, let’s widen there, demolish this, build that.  Finally, with the help of a friend who was an architect, we realised our project and, in the year 2000, right in conjunction with the beginning of the new century, the après ski was ready and waiting. Just one thing was missing: the name. Of course we chose “L’ Murin” (The Mill). We served pasta in a Parmigiano Reggiano wheel and, by persisting in turning that strange smoking glue, we grew such a pair of arms. After fifteen years of good and loyal service, L’ Murin is now more animated than ever. During the winter, young people - and not only -  come to the old wood little house to dance and have a blast, after having danced on their skis. We organised such unforgettable parties and ”white nights”! During the summer time the old little house turns into a pub and L’ Murin doesn’t host only the hotel guests but everyone who wants to join us. Our Pasta e fagioli (pasta and bean soup) and spare ribs with baked in foil potatoes are well known even beyond the Sassongher. I don’t know whether L’Murin has ever been a mill for real. But I know that this little house has ground loads of memories, turning them into a sweet and soft flour that unmistakably tastes like life that flows and like our story.

Mathias Costa
L'Murin and the memories' flour
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