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Manuel Monday, 17 August 2015

Jazz'n Stüa: in a sentimental food

I must admit that, after so many years, I am still surprised to see, or better, to hear, the effect the music has in Stüa: pure magic. No one is exempt from its beneficial effect. Even the more reluctant ones, those who usually ask to turn the volume down a little bit, after a while start to relax. Most of the guests though, are so enthusiastic about listening to it that sometimes someone will say: “Excuse me, are your CDs for sale?” Secretly I smile and say: “We aren’t at the Buddha Bar”. An American couple once told me that they had met at a Sarah Vaughan concert and that hearing her voice again in a Stüa amongst the Dolomites had a powerful effect on them.
Jazz'n Stüa: in a sentimental food
„From Chet Baker to Miles Davis, from Sarah Vaughan to Dinah Washington, good music accompanies all the good things we serve at the Stüa de Michil.“
In Stüa music is invaluable it envelops and permeates everything. Perhaps it's because the rooms have low ceilings and the music slides discretely beneath the beams. It could be that the wood and the notes have a special affinity. It seems the ear has its cravings too, not just the palate and the sense of smell. It will surely be for all these reasons, but if in Stüa there were no music, to uncork a good wine or to serve a tasty dish would make no sense. 
For the Stüa I have selected only jazz artists and a repertoire that stretches from the thirties to the seventies. In a sentimental food… Every night a different artist is introduced with a short data sheet complete with picture, biographical sketch and a list of some of the songs that will be played during the dinner. Some names? Here they are: the sumptuous Carmen McRae, the sublime Chet Baker, the blonde Chris Connor, the extraordinary Dinah Washington, the sensual Julie London, the divine Miles Davis, the virtuosic Shirley Horn and the much-loved Sarah Vaughan. 
Another thing I am pleasantly surprised by, is to see how every artist, besides creating a different atmosphere, conditions everybody’s evening, whether a guest or a collaborator. It's incredible. The first few chords of a song spreading through the room is enough for everyone to get into harmony with those notes, each one in their own special way. And so all the people, without exception, start surfing the waves in which emotions float and memories rise to the surface.
Ah, music! My love for her is boundless. She never leaves me. She follows me everywhere, even when I am not listening to her she is always with me. A faithful companion I knew as a child and that, over time, has always worn different clothes; sometimes colourful and provocative and other times minimal and entrancing. There is a subtle thread which binds any kind of music, all it takes is to know how to follow it without prejudices and to avoid building walls against which music could shatter. And so it is great to recognise a Ladin accordion in a disconnected guitar solo, played in a Seattle garage. It is great to wander following the rising notes of a Caribbean rhythm, right in front of the Sassongher. It might sound like a cliché, but music is synonymous with freedom: with thinking and imagination, with feelings and emotions. If one day someone should turn the music off, as a consequence the whole world would be turned off. And so, as the great Barry used to sing, “Let the Music Play”, always and anyway.

Manuel Dellago
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