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michil Sunday, 16 December 2012

It’s not for me!

The failure of this savage capitalism – based on speculation, desperately hoping to save capital as the system implodes – has failed. This economic system without rules, empty of ethics, has even begun to damage those who have been followers for years.
It’s not for me!
The eating away of the planet
The individual as a passive follower
It’s not for me!
The market alone is not enough to secure the liberal society many crave, especially a market which regulates itself alone, that type of market which is pushing us towards an ever increasing state of instability, not to mention conflicts and tension. Those who sustain that the only certain development is of a scientific-technological nature with no corresponding ethical-moral input should reread Ralf Dahrendorf. In similar vein why not focus economic activity on the common good? Why not aspire to an increased wellbeing of we human beings, to action sustainable for the planet, and rethink the way we present ourselves on the market? Why not extend cooperation to the greatest number of people , evaluating ourselves so to contribute to the evolution of society? Why don’t we appreciate that this type of movement would become an integral part of our happiness?
850 companies have come together to draft a balance sheet for the Common Welfare Economy - they understand cash-flow is important but that other motivations need to be at play; that profit is not everything. Respect for the human condition is required, also equality, solidarity, social justice, participation. Instead of competing we need to cooperate. Instead of pity we need compassion. What does the incitement ‘defend the environment’ mean? Why don’t we try to recognise the rights of Nature and promote universal values which can flourish in the tomorrow to come?
The companies’ action is recognition they have at heart the interest of all and the planet. Behind the initiative is a drive to be proactive and be protagonists of changes now which will shape our future. Simply put, we need to dedicate resource and fuel the desire to consider ecological matters and in particular the well-being of Nature and its inhabitants all!
Convinced of what we say we will sign up to the CWE balance sheet.
Our motivation is nothing to do with the fact that we are amongst the privileged residents of a province blessed with a special statute, but it has much more to do with the fact that we are the privileged residents of this special plant called Earth, and we need to value the time we spend here. We need to realise that any harm we do to the planet in general is harm done to ourselves and our equilibrium. This is why we have decided we shall avail ourselves of suppliers who follow the CWE principles. Also we shall favour banks which are CWE orientated and seek to involve our very guests in this new and passionate economic model.
In so deciding we are not motivated by economic advantage but by our natural inclination to live life to the full in a respectful, cooperative manners in a celebration of and search for happiness.
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