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michil Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hands off Aurino!

I have been following with particular interest in these recent days the new projects taking advantage of the hydro-electric resources in Aurino. Reaction against such initiatives is led not only by the ‘usual’ environmentalists but also by an important businessman – and a friend of mine - Bernhard Winkler. I sympathise with the Committee, which is closely knit around its focal point web site - www.sos.ahr.org (google translate), for the battle they are waging can be thought of as the sister of those I have been involved in recent years in defence of the denigration of our Dolomites.
Hands off Aurino!
The battle being fought in Valle Aurina is of great significance because it is looking to defend a commodity which is ever more precious, namely water. Water is not in short supply in our valleys but our argument stems from the premise that each and every one of our actions has an influence on something or someone. Lorenz reminded us that the butterfly which flaps its wings in Sydney causes rain in New York! It was Steiner who taught that every act needs to be performed with a state of gentleness uppermost in mind. And it is we Tyroleans, as fortunate occupants of this our land, who should give a good example and manage the environmental patrimony we have in a gentle manner, for above all else our economic circumstances allow us to do so.
The Aurino torrent has always been a source of richness for its inhabitants and a source of inspiration for those who visit the area. Should it dry up, in pursuit of the interests of a few, it will be a disturbing and damaging loss for all: the landscape will become less attractive and the tourists will search other destinations of a more authentic nature and where they can enjoy the uncontaminated pleasures of Nature. Should this moment come about we will realise that our actions will not only have done lasting damage to the environment but also to our economy. ‘No’, we say, in this circumstance water cannot be a tool of industrialisation – it is a straightforward question of ethics.
Unfortunately, those times when construction was done in a far more sustainable manner are long gone. Times long ago when land was not dispatched as a simple commodity and the very land itself was considered the richness of the community and the age of ‘brick fever’ was yet to come.
Nowadays however there is a global rush to buy up land which, according to leading experts will soon bring about a hunting mind-set for the most precious of all resources – water. It is happening above all in Africa where the governments are opening the doors to unprincipled investors whose only concern is to make money in the shortest time possible. The point is that also in South Tyrol we must act with greater reason. Economically we have the advantage to have already developed adequately: the ‘development’ syndrome can only do us harm.

Help saving the Aurino, undersign online: www.sos-ahr.org (google translate)
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Sunday, 3 February 2013 Erika
Dear Costa Family, Thank you for the wonderful feeling that it IS possible to do things different, and yet reach the same goal. It is rather the way that matters, it is the way that makes a difference and makes every day worth to live. I like Your way... The stories were nice to read. Alta Badia is my faviourite skiing resort, although this year I ski nearby. A big hello to Michil! I share his thoughts as every time a tree falls to quench the thirst of an individual of his "senseless" possessing more, anger heaves up in me. Thank you for the Christmas poem which makes sense after Christmas too :-) It is beautiful. Kind regards, Erika
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