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Stefan Friday, 12 January 2018

Gaudí, the new hotel dog

I did not want to know anymore, yet here I am here, with a new puppy which is filling me with joy.  
Gaudí, the new hotel dog
We are happy to have Gaudi as our new house dog. A Labrador that Anni and Ernesto gifted me, they knowing of my mood after the passing of Yuk, I was inconsolable and not willing to consider the idea of having a replacement dog.
Gaudí is a blonde. He has a golden coat and a tail which wags with an amazing vitality. Gaudí seems to smile and play in the most uninhibited of ways. Gaudí is just loving discovering the snow which has recently fallen. You see, Gaudi is a puppy, born in Spring and now seeing snow for the first time. He paws his way deep and smells the white stuff with glee, at times sliding and almost skating across the white layers, and all this with the unbridled joy of a youngster let loose in a new world all to discover. All his face is at work, his nose, his ears, his mouth, toying with and almost disappearing as the flakes continue to fall. Gaudi is always ready to greet one, jumping up and licking my hands enthusiastically. We are happy to have Gaudí as our new house dog. A Labrador that Anni and Ernesto gifted me, they knowing of my mood after the passing of Yuk, I was inconsolable and not willing to consider the idea of having a replacement dog. And yet, their gesture cheered me up. It is just another example of how persons dear to you are so important at times. I had resigned myself to being alone: without Yuk I did not want to contemplate having another dog, for no dog could be as close to me and as a good a friend as Yuk was. I was so, so convinced and would not entertain even the thought of moving on to another friendship. Fortunately, there is sometimes a bit of magic in this world of ours and there actually are people who are prepared to give to others. And now here I am with a new dog, one which is growing before my very eyes. Yes, I confess. It is nice to walk a dog again, it is good to think of it as part of my life, it is amusing to hear myself giving instructions to stay quiet inside the shop and not to run along the corridor, to not disturb the guests – but they just wanting to take the opportunity to stroke and cuddle him too, and he just wanting more and more attention. Yes, I admit that I look at the scene sometimes and a tear comes to my eye, not a tear of grief however but a tear of joy and satisfaction. It is true that one’s life is often lit up by small, sweet, simple things, things which can bring moments of happiness, a happiness which can be often elusive in the times we live and the often barbaric nature of the world around. Gaudí may not be aware of all this, of the effect he can have on I and others but this is the life of a dog and as we know a dog is a man’s best friend. How good it would be if we in general were a little more concerned and even friendly with dogs in general. I am certainly appreciative of Gaudí and have welcomed him enthusiastically to this hotel home of ours. And when there is the snow it is a home which is even more splendid. I find myself following Gaudí and focusing on his collar. It is as if it is he who is leading me on the way, on my journey of discovery and seeking of friendship. “Ok Gaudí, you win, I know it’s time for us to go for another walk together.’’

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