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michil Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Cheeseburger & Cola

The ethical rationalism of Democrito has led me to reflect on how the thought patterns which have determined the shape of our world have themselves developed. Man is naturally inclined to follow his more instinctive reactions in searching ways to satisfy his own egoistical desires and own satisfactions - be these in terms of fame or power, of wealth or of knowledge.
Cheeseburger & Cola
“The authentic sage is he who conducts his life with a sense of moderation always to the fore – a real balanced equilibrium denying extreme turbulent moments and excesses of passion” …
Our gratitude and our sense of admiration really should focus on those great in spirit who have been able to renounce to the immediate in pursuit of a more worthy objective.
Think for a moment to the force of illuminism: a way to learn how to listen, cultivate and love reason, and to place each and every individual at the centre of a network of relations. In this way a new Humanitarian approach was born. We too need to benefit from a sort of re-illuminism which has as its very core the essential dignity of humans.
In fact to have the courage to make use of our inbred intelligence would be a way to assist in the sound sustainability and the future development of our own valleys. I cannot really agree with the thought of Flaubert who said “this place is not ruined by the passing of time but by the visitors and supposed learned folk”.
To all effects we are the guests, the guests are but a mirror of ourselves, or to go even further we have the guests which we ourselves create, which we willingly educate in particular ways. That is of course if we decide to go about any process at all.
And to take this train of thought one step further: if we want a village without a flower, a valley polluted beyond recall, streets filfthy from a mix of salt and mud, then it is better that we take time to say a rosary or two!
If, however, we believe in the force of reason we will also be prepared to take time to understand what the limits are, our own limits and those of the area and land itself.
We need to educate ourselves. Yes, education has a cost but it is also our duty not to ignore the distractions of a superficial client, the obsession of organising trade fair after trade fair, and to speak out about the devious way of those out for quick pickings only. It is these folk who do not have the Dolomites at heart. They are but the scurge of the Dolomites.
Let us not be taken in by the guile of our politicians that would have us think that the tourist wants something different and more captivating than we actually offer. What the tourists want is the beauty of our landscape, the excellence of our cuisine, the warmth of our hospitality. The ways of marketing our many but the truth is one,
We must be prepared to see excess as a way of life that can only ever bring a fleeting satisfaction of sorts and has great consequences for these places in which we live and which others visit.
It may just be that in Alta Badia we are moving in the right direction but we must not fail to continue the dialaogue between us as tourism operators and also involve the artisans, the farmers and the population at large. Only and only in this way can can we offer to all an Alta Badia rich in humanism.
Let us preserve this place rich in mind for likeminded travellers also rich in mind. Only by recognising the authentic qualities of these places as expressed in traditional culture, cuisine and language will we be able to find the just balance with the Nature which surrounds us. Should our villages become cities then certainly the tourists will abandon us. If our land is abused then its intrinsic value will certainly be lost.
Authenticity and moderrnisation do not mean tp go ahead and build cities in the mountains on the sole pretence that the air is far better up there!
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