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michil Monday, 1 June 2015

Buna nöt surëdl

Summer is here. The days are getting longer and longer. No better reason to enjoy the extended daylight, the beauty of dawn and dusk: they are the essential mystical moments of our daily life, moments of purity when we reflect on our very existence.
Buna nöt surëdl
“Look at the meatamorphis of colours, the sky transforming and the shadows which slowly slowly climb up the Sassongher – it is as if seeing one’s essential self and the way in which it is changing.”
These are the moments which I try to make mine and to focus on all with a great intensity. The changing colours of the mountains, going from pink to gold to silver, at times dark and threatening, are a great never-ending spectacular and as such these essential moments merit attention and respect. These are also the moments when I appreciate the change which takes place in me. Above all sunset time has a great impact on me, I look at the metamorphis of colours as the sky transforms and the shadows gradually climb up the Sassongher, it is as if the drifting colours impact on my essential self and I feel a transformation in myself, I see a need to say farewell to the day gone by and a day which never ever will return again. Away it goes, ended, never to be seen again. “Bunanöt Surëdl, i te salüdi”.  These the Ladin words with which I bid farewell to the day, I thank the Sun, I thank for the long day gifted to me.
It is summer. Whilst all still sleep the sun rises on the ridges hidden behind our great mountain Boé. Look at that peak in the distance, already illuminated, and never before did it really have place in my conscience. It is a reflection of our own life – a chance to see our own life in a different way and identify the tones and contrasts which would help us appreciate and recognise all to the full. New projects and ideas begin to take their form and make their presence felt, and with this we understand too that others lay untouched and as yet to emerge.
It is summer. I like to walk barefoot, to feel the warm earth beneath my feet. The earth has the power to soothe, to strenghten, to cleanse, to heal. It is a way to increase our awareness, all said and done we need to be careful where we tread! What wondereful sensory tools our feet are, they allow us to distinguish between the types of moss - the fact that the dark green is softer than the lighter type, the rocks - the fact that the darker form give out more heat than the lighter variation.
It is summer. As ever it never ceases to amaze me that there is always someone who does not notice the influence the sun and the elements have upon us. I add to my amazement that there are always those that are never thankful for what we have. To complete my utter amazement is the fact that many never break stride when the moon greets and illuminates all before it.
In my Ladin language the words of sun and moon are never preceded by the article, this in itself confirming the mystical place they have for we Ladins. Even when these divinities do not appear in the sky we try to ensure that the time we spend is enthusiastically spent – enthusiasm in the true sense of the all-embracing divine interpretation.
I invite you to raise your eyes, behold the sky above ... and at the first oppurtunity feel the joy of walking barefoot! Today could be the ideal day to do it – after all it is the first day of the rest of our lives!

Joyful greetings, warm wishes ... from here up high.

michil costa
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