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Nicolò Friday, 15 September 2017

Autumn at Ladinia is not at all a story of dead leaves

Whoever says that in autumn there is nothing to do in the mountains is making a big mistake: autumn is the time when the Dolomites show their true authentic look and there is so much to discover and enjoy.
Autumn at Ladinia is not at all a story of dead leaves
Up until 2 November climbers, hikers, walkers, cyclists, simple passers by, are all welcome and a fine meal and a glass of wine or two will always be served up willingly!
How many times have I heard it said that in autumn the mountains are just a desolated desert. They say that all is closed and that there is nothing to do. A state of limbo it would seem, one being suspended in mid-air: there is not yet the snow to ski and there are no longer the endless days to wander at will. But to tell the truth it is not really like that: the Dolomites in autumn are a spectacle to live to the full, and that is said without wishing to deceive anybody. It is not a scene of dead leaves but rather of rich, wonderful, life-giving moments, which merit to be experienced. Let us take a look at the larch trees as an example. The changes in colour, from green to red to yellow, are a real joy to witness. Take the time that you deserve and should find for yourself so you too can see the mountains of autumn in a genuine authentic state, made of silence and peace and a limpid air which will do you a great deal of good. Then the cry that there is nothing to do does not really hold true. If the rifugi are shut all one needs to do is put an extra sandwich or two in the rucksack and set off along the paths and take in the beauty which is all around. Silence is a beauty, which speaks for itself, now and again the birds chirping and singing, is melody to the ears, the streams rushing by a sign of vitality. As for sunset, it is as if the fairies are at work lighting up the mountains, the peaks and the gulley’s taking on a rich crimson fireball-like look, an amazing natural spectacle if there ever was one. The days are not melancholic but offer the chance to live and appreciate new aspects of oneself, such is the momentum the nature around gives to mind and body: calm replaces the frantic, frenetic charge of daily life, one sees the world through different eyes, even one’s very breath takes on a different significance as the fresh air strikes and fills the lungs with renewed energy. Add to this the fact that the chaos of summer around the passes of the Dolomites is outdated and the Sellaronda becomes a jewel of a place for biking enthusiasts. Falzarego, Valparola, Giau – they all play their part too and cyclists explore, imagining themselves to be back in those times when motorized vehicles were few and far between. Let us move inside for a moment. The stove is shining brightly, breakfast is a feast of freshness, the aperitif is taken with Sassongher for company, lunch and dinner have much of the Ladin taste to them, and friendly and considered hospitality is the order of the day. Now you will understand why we open in winter and why you have a very good reason to come and visit us. Yes, we are here so you too can enjoy the thrill, which is autumn. Until 2 November, we keep our doors open and serve lunch and dinner, and as throughout the seasons Wednesday is always live music evening. Climbers, hikers, walkers, cyclists, simple passersby, are all welcome, a fine meal, and a glass of wine or two will always be served up willingly!

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