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Fabian Sunday, 15 October 2017

A mountain boy in New York

A week to visit a hundred or more agents and agencies, so as to present La Perla in New York, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. And what a pleasant surprise to know that the story of Alta Badia, of the Dolomites, and of the Costa family and the La Perla ‘way’ appeals and that marketing is not just made up of facts and figures, graphs and tables, forecasts and bottom lines. Hooray!
A mountain boy in New York
Leading remarked that no other structure in the whole world had presented to them in such a remarkably uncommon manner.
I did not feel like a homing pigeon – even if I had with me 40 kilos of brochures, pamphlets, postcards plus ipad and assorted variety of things; nor did I feel as if I was on some special mission – even if I had to meet a hundred or more of agents and agencies in a week, they spread around New York and the neighbouring states. To tell the truth I felt more like a mountain lad, a Ladin from Alta Badia with the word ‘Dolomites’ blazened across my front. Not that my appearance made much difference to the life of New york, consumed as it is in living a dimension totally apart. What a city the ‘Big Apple’ is. Skysrapers galore and people in constant movement; a city which easily changes night for day and night for day; a metrepol that speaks all the languages man ever created; a destination which captivated me from the moment I set foot off the plane. In reality it made its first impression on me as I looked from the plane – what a sight as one approaches. I imagine that all have an image of New York in their mind – perhaps taken from a film or a song. And so to work I went! My job was to speak of our hotel, our history, not in terms of number of rooms and types of carpet but in terms of people and beliefs. Strangely enough people looked at me in an attentive manner and I began to realise that our story was of interest. I took on the role willingly and spoke of the history of Alta Badia, the Dolomites, and all that the land meant to its inhabitants. I spoke of the life of Ernesto and Annie and not about the hundreds of kilometres of slopes around. I spoke of our staff and their attitude and their ways of doing and not about statistics and prices. I showed them our postcards with little stories of tradition and usage written behind and they warmed to the place in a quite visible manner. The best experience of all was at the so-called mecca of quality tourism: the offices of Leading in Lexington Avenue, in the heart of the Upper East Side. On entering it seemed like turning up at Madison Square Garden for one of those heavyweight bouts. Undeterred, I followed my line of speaking about the Costa family, about the world which is ours in Alta Badia, and they looked at me with genuine surprise and remarked that no other structure in the whole world had presented to them in such a remarkably uncommon manner. What more is there to say? Well, what a week it was and despite the fact that I ran around between Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, I still managed to appreciate a lot. I liked the ethnic style restaurants, and I did go to Madison Square Garden – to see a female basketball game and I must admit that I did dream about being there when heroes such as Mohammed Alì, Michael Jordan and LeBron James appeared there. All said and done I am just a boy from the mountains. And now I am back here, home from the Big Apple and back to the apple harvesting season here around. Two worlds apart but two I love very much.

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