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Marco Friday, 3 July 2015

A lively bunch

A lively bunch, there’s no denying it. They manoeuvre casually and lightly among the stube’s rooms. They know what words such as discipline, respect, welcome and hospitality mean. It’s a young bunch moving over a palette spotted by the colors that paint the stube: white and pink, yellow and salmon pink, green and blue. The youngest among them is called Alberto.
A lively bunch
„People who lessen youngsters’ qualities, the ones who don’t appreciate them and describe them with pointless commonplaces, they don’t really know them.“
When he arrived in Casa he was nineteen years old, a boy. He’s from Bassano del Grappa, famous for its bridge, a town with the idea of the bunch running through its veins. He started as a commis and now, at the age of twenty-one and still the youngest, he is already chef de rang. The path wasn’t always a bed of roses, but it is normal: “nessuno nasce imparato” as they say in Rome (no one is born knowing everything). But now, anyone who touches the blue stube, or especially the green one, will be in trouble. He says he feels like it belongs to him in a special way. It’s not that he doesn’t like the others, but the green room, with that green stove, has something intimate. It instills a characteristic warmth. And so, everything must be in perfect order, nothing can be out of place. Alberto is almost jealous of the green stube. He looks after it with devotion and does the same with the guests, as if he wanted to convey the beauty about having dinner in such a context, through his polite manners.  In effect, the green stube might be the warmest, precisely because of its small dimensions. It still surprises me to become aware of such a sensitivity in a young person. I must admit that the commonplaces that describe today’s youngsters get a bit on my nerves. Alberto: three years here in Casa. Five seasons, winters and summers. He speaks three languages. He’s always warm, kind, attentive. He learnt to be on time, and to snowboard… If these are our youngsters, we certainly can be confident then! 
Alberto is always with his friend Nicolas, another young chef de rang. The fox and the cat, as we call them. Never arrogant, always ready. As if they weren’t afraid of finding themselves in front of guests that are usually much older than them. This means that these guys work well, that they know how to win confidence and respect and that they are able to make the most of the kitchen bunch work. Besides, it can not be a good good cuisine without a first-order service. Watching how these guys deal with the complicated rooms management in the Stube peculiar environment, makes me understand that a piece of future, not only in the Casa, is in good hands. And I am quite proud of it too.

Marco Pellegrini
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