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Franco Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A day ahead starts at breakfast time

In Italian we say that you can see what the day is to be like by what you see early on in the morning but as far as I am concerned you really need to feel and breathe in what the day ahead holds for you. You need to breathe deep and take in some good air and let your heart wake and greet the day with a smile.
A day ahead starts at breakfast time
‘Spices, aromas and fine scents: our magical infusions welcome the guest to breakfast and set the done for the day ahead.’
We in the breakfast team at La Perla do our best to help persons welcome in the day positively and appreciate the early morning joy! A beginning of a day is a beautiful thing and in our mountain location it is not too difficult to look around and take in spellbinding scenes of beauty. However, before the guest can take in the magnificence of the natural surroundings we greet him or her with our magical infusions. Yes, our magical potions served in small cups really do get the day off to a fine start. To add to the occasion we even dedicate particular names to the infusions. For example one consisting of apple, raisins, cinnamon, and pine is called ‘strudel delight’ Would you like to know how we prepare it? Well we’ll let you in on the secret! You need to boil the apples and the sultana raisins. Then you add the toasted pines, they having been well pressed so that their essential oils give off a fine aroma. Next you let the infusion settle and add the cinnamon in powder form. The infusion is served cold but without having put it in the fridge for otherwise the aroma and the delicate scents are lost. Another important step to mention is that the infusion needs to be filtered so it is wonderfully clear and takes on a rich amber shade which heightens its appeal even more.  Here is another tip – take a sweet with caster sugar and deglaze it in water and you will obtain a natural colouring mix which serves to sweeten your infusions as required. 
When it is tingly cold outside and the sky is a a clear blue it is great to serve up an energy giving infusion so as to prepare the client for the outdoors and a day of bracing open air activity. And what a way it is also to accompany the breakfast we serve. Excuse my indulgence of description but the breakfast buffet really is something special. And just to get your imagination going I describe another special infusion we have – pineapple, sage and red pepper are the ingredients which when well combined produce a real energy fizz. To prepare just boil the pinapple in pinapple juice until it begins to take on a pulp consistency and at this point add the sage, it having been reduced to a fine form by the knife(!) and leave it to cool. When ready to serve filter it first, add to taste some of the sweetening syrup prepared and sprinkle on a little of the red pepper. You now have a real energetic elixir!
Usually we offer an infusion when the guest takes his or her seat and before the breakfast choice is made. And when you are ready to choose there is no shortage of choice for the spread we put out is fit for royalty. Another feature of our breakfast offer is that we like to create unusual accompaniments – orange and fig go so well together, as do beetroot, lemon and mint. Lime and jasmine too, and not to forget orange and coffee or black tea, orange, lemin honey and creme of balsam vinegar.
And one final thing! The early morning infusion is always accompanied by the Ladin greeting of ‘bun dé’, a touch of the Ladin language seeming to be in keeping with the impressive Ladin peaks which surround us! And I might add that when I use the greeting and being not from here but from Ischia a little smile often escapes me. And so and all in all we have the perfect way to get the day moving in postive mood.

Franco d'Orio
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