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Elide Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Marching forward with the Costa Family Foundation

If you were to ask me: “What use is a big brain?”, I would be tempted to reply: “To help us find our way as we walk happily singing across the desert”.
(Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines)
Marching forward with the Costa Family Foundation
“We never stop our march: from Tibet to Togo to Uganda our Foundation is always on the move, thanks principally to the support of our donors.”
It is as a mountain walk. In silence, one behind the other. Now and again a word, a pause, a comment on the walk itself, a look of encouragement, a feeling of the incredible. And on and on. Walking relentlessly, step by step, and then arriving at places far away where we would never have imagined as being able to arrive at. And yet here we are in North India. At the side of Tibetan children  fleeing from the oppression practised by the Chinese government. We have built an orphanage,  House 13, in the Tibetan Children’s Village of Dharamsala (TCV), and an entire floor in the University College of TCV of Bangalore. And marching forward we have reached Togo, to be at the side of the youngsters of Maristella and Sister Patrizia, paying for them their school fees and the didactic materials. And on again to Uganda, a country in which the life expectancy is little more than 40 , the half of our own. Here we have started our two ‘green’ projects in cooperation with the indigenous community in Karamoja and in Mukono. We are on the march so as to help, meet, exchange with, love, smile together with new friends, to live and let live. All this because the march of the Costa Family Foundation, and the people who time from time provide the links around the world, has everything to do with meeting together. Making oneself available, sharing with others. We do not impose a rucksack full of our cultural norms, of our know-how and way of doing, of the privileges we have in the villages which we reach. We seek to be ‘light’ in approach and learn from the ‘lightness’ which the children we meet instinctively possess. And it is to them we look in particular for the future is above all else in them. And it is they who often teach to us what is the real meaning of significant and important. So much so that when we return to our base camp, a place made up of many, perhaps too many privileges, we have a clearer idea of how to take things forward. And even more importantly we understand what and how to ask for further support. In this way our big and varied family, they always ready to contribute, this we acknowledge here, and we can understand how to make use of a new resource as it develops.  We are always ready to march on, to prepare the essentials and depart. Even when we are not actively marching we take forward our message – by telephone, by email, with reports, with meetings. Our projects are always with us – new ones to launch, problems to solve, obstacles to overcome. Every day there is a river to cross, a mountain pass to reach, a rockface to climb. Not to worry for we are well trained, we live off trust, willingness, determination. Knowing of the project to realise the enthusiasm to put on our boots and march again comes easily. And we need to thank those who help us to help others. Without the support of our donors we would go nowhere. They too are very much a part of our family. Small helping hands are great gestures of support. What small and great things we are able to do. A look at the numbers proves the point: as things are today  the contribution for the Tibetan Childrens Village stands at 232,000 euro. The sum for the project in Togo is 16,000 euro and for the projects in Uganda 227.161 euro. And now let’s move on for it is time to march again. Let’s march together. 

Elide Mussner Pizzinnini
Costa Family Foundation
Marching forward with the Costa Family Foundation
Marching forward with the Costa Family Foundation
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