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Mathias Saturday, 20 August 2016

An electric future

This summer we have a vehicle here at the hotel that is both silent and wonderful.
An electric future
I really like driving it, and so do many of the others here.
Accustomed as we are to noise and fumes when we drive, this new vehicle is a revolution. It really is, for when you drive nobody hears you. Even if there are cyclists or passengers around they are not aware of your presence. If you were to blow the horn they would probably jump out of their skin, such would be the shock. It is probably best to keep a safe distance and just avoid any startling reaction from them!
The fact is that BMW has made available for the hotel and our guests a I3 Rex, so as for us to judge the various impressions we will all have of it. And the fact is that we have all been favourably impacted by it. I really like driving it, and so do many of the others here. Joe and Michil use it to return home, Arthur too as he makes his way to San Vigilio, and Manuel as well when he heads to Ortisei. In fact Manuel was so impressed after he used it the first time that he said it makes his newly bought care seem to be a bit of a clumsy tank. Apart from the fact that the car embraces the most modern technology, it is built with recycled material and goes like a bat out of hell, the most surprising thing is how silent it is, for it really does not make a murmur.
I don’t remember who it was but someone said that the future begins to emerge when some of its elements are actually present in the here and now. And the electric car really is a taste of tomorrow’s world which can be seen in concrete terms today. It represents something real and tangible and not something imaginary and fictional – a silent means of transport that is also environmentally sound. We hope it is a taste of the future which will come on fast for there is certainly a need for silent and clean means of transport. Here in the mountains for example we see the contradiction of praising the peace and uncominated nature of the location but every single day during summer there is a caravan of neverending cars, complete with all the dirt and din such brings.
Guests are pleasantly struck by this car for it really is a means to approach the question of mobility in the future. Let’s hope that the car manufacturers who have so far been sadly slow in their actions, will now follow this route and come up with solutions which are acceptable in cost terms also. And we hope too that those in power and responsible for such matters act in such a way in terms of incentives that the electric car becomes the norm and takes over from today’s unacceptable vehicles. It is only by reducing fumes eminating from millions and millions of vehicles in today’s world that we can hope to imagine an acceptable future.
And one last thing. You need to try out this car at night also for it is truly fantastic. Outside there is the silence of the night and you too move without creating noise. It is a magical sensation.

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