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mErCh Friday, 21 September 2012

Wine cellar

I saw her for the first time in 1996 and it was love at first sight. I knew then that I had to win her over and destiny worked in such a way that I did so in 2000. From then on I have experienced many wonderful times with her and naturally enough a sad moment or two.
I like to share all. However I want her all for myself
I find her difficult to describe, she is not dark and mysterious as you might imagine, but for ever alive and radiant, and while to all she declares her state of mind and thoughts, to me she confides her innermost secrets. Should you meet her she will delight you with her knowledge of music, but she speaks too of philosophy and of how she views life. Not everone approves of here ebulient character but meeting her certainly leads to reflection.
Her defining quality is that which she has within and it is something alive and pulsating and crowned by a singular spirit, or rather by the facets of her many spirits. Yes so special is she that she has not one spirit only but more than 28.000, each one of which has its background, its particular features, even its own age, and which together are capable of gifting a variety of sensations and emotions.
I have never met anyone or anything similar for normally you need to accept the person or thing as a whole and cannot choose to extract and focus on one trait or the other. With her however you can be selective and dedicate yourself to those aspects which intrigue and please. Fantastic, don’t you think? Over the yearsIi must confess that I have been obliged to share her with others. Daniel is the one who at present courts her with due diligence but I also recall Manuel, Paolo, Pio, Antonello, for they too were masters of discovery that learned to love and admire her as I always have, and they also have contibuted to making her what she is today – our Mahatma Wine.

Mahatma in India means soul
Wine cellar
Wine cellar
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