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Marco Friday, 21 September 2012


From breakfast time right through to aperitif time our bar will satisfy your every wish in great style.
Any time is your time in our bar but remember that we do close at midnight
We begin with crepes prepared and served direct by our chefs, and then there is a choice of hot brioche or a slice of our own hotel baked cakes and of course let’s not forget the obligatory cappuccino! If sweet delights are not your thing early morning do not worry for we have a selection of wonderful slice cuts from South Tyrol, or a combination of egg and speck, and even a sparkling white wine also!
Time passes quickly and a ski day or vigorous walk is already behind us and when I glance from the window and see that the Col Alto cable car has closed for the day I know too that the time of hot chocolate and herb and fruit tea and tempting cakes is also finished! A chord of a guitar strikes up, my heart skips a beat, and the ice-cubes begin to jostle for space in the tall glasses, and it is time to ‘shake’ for the aperitif moment has arrived.
Take your choice - Martini Cocktail (my favourite), Manhattan, Negroni, Whisky Sour and the choice goes on, many of the cocktails being inventions coming from your suggestions. Enjoy a taste or two of the ‘to die for’ little side dishes – a new taste creation awaits you every day and there is live music too.
No need to move on too quickly for the music goes on through dinner where "A la Carte" awaits you and there is the chance then to try one or two of our prestigious selections of whiskey, brandy, or grappa, or of course be led by the barman’s fantasy to continue and try a classic cocktail. And if you prefere there is always the option of a comforting tea for those who prefer a quite relax and game of cards. I am certain that you will pass a pleasant evening with us and that your night too might be equally sparkling.
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