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Ulrich Wallnöfer Saturday, 22 December 2012

Your wellbeing is our greatest satisfaction

We at Meraner Weinhaus / Pur Südtirol have pioneered the common welfare economy in South Tyrol since 2011, and last year we conducted the first common welfare audit under the motto of "Rethinking Economics".
We currently have 38 employees in a number of locations (our headquarters in Lana, our speciality outlets in Merano and Bruneck and our Vinothek in Merano) where we provide our customers with a lasting experience of pleasure and enjoyment and a new, focused approach to eating and drinking. The values defining our day-to-day activities are attentiveness, responsibility, cooperation, cordiality and appreciation of ourselves, those next to us and the environment. We are sourcing 85% of our range –around 3000 products – from South Tyrol (for Pur Südtirol this figure is 100%) and work in cooperation with a number of partners. The things that give us pleasure in our daily work are the values of ecological viability and fairness underpinning our products and services, our growing contribution to common welfare, the sustained well-being of our employees and true customer focus.  
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