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mErCh Tuesday, 25 December 2012

This is who we are - This is ‘Casa’

Yes, I know, this is not the usual type of internet that you expect from a hotel.
You shoul d also know that we dont really think of ourselves as a hotel but as a ‘Casa’. A ‘casa’ in which there are not only beds to sleep and steaks to eat but a place where true emotions are lived.
Ernesto Costa taught me the following: La Perla is for many but not for all.
The atmosphere here –the true strength of La Perla- comes from the persons who are found here within: there is Franco from Ischia, a true legend who has served breakfast since 1990, Alexa and Giacomo, friends of Mathias, who regularly drink coffee altogether here in the bar. I mention Marco who has worked in the piano bar since 1998. And what about Peter, the businessman from Bavaria who has just arrived again this morning, he spending Christmas here for the last 30 years. I can mention many others -Dragan who is responsible for the cleaning of the kitchens, and then there is Hannes, the snowcat operator, who when he returns from having prepared the slopes passes by the bar for a beer. And of course not to forget Michil, who cannot help but express his opinion on the matters of the day. All of these I name, and many others besides contribute to making the ‘Casa’ what it is.
In these pages we seek to transmit what we are, what we think, and to generally convey in a direct and authentic way the spirit of the Casa. Everyone here is important in equal measure, be they the owners, staff or guests, and each and every person contributes in their own way.
I do not know if this site is functional enough, if it will increase the number of visits to it and in consequence the number of bookings, but I am certain that it is authentic and reflects accurately who we are and what we are about!
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Share your thoughts with us
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