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Claudia Orlandi Sunday, 16 December 2012

The three Ms

The three Ms used to run from floor to floor, jumping over suitcases and missing steps, so avoiding the toys scattered around them. The three little Ms had big Ladin style ovens to warm their play area, almost all the female guests as nannies, and the staff’s attentions for general entertainment, not to mention pastries made by skilled confectioners for snacks.
The three Ms
The first M was often seen looking up at the sky. Seemingly fascinated by Nature he was well wrapped in warm pullovers, and sought answers to the many questions which came shining through his lively spectacled eyes.

His brother, the second M, ran desperately from the consequences of his own tricks, and went on to become a ski teacher.
The younger M was always busy in some new activity, mixing creativity and fun, and generally taking on various challenges.
Many of the traits of the young Ms can be found today in the dish you choose, in the drink you order, in the smiles you share, in the silence you enjoy… and if you pay attention, even in some discreet place and a corner where you will rarely look, Michil, Mathias, and Maximilian are always taking care of you and of your needs.

Claudia Orlandi
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