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Manuel Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pure Adrenalin!

It’s a real thrill to ski in the Dolomites. But the skiing I love most is off the beaten track. And I think immediately of Val Setus, in the Sella Group towards Val Badia, where you can ski from February to mid-May.
Pure Adrenalin!
Seeing this departure point makes me shiver, this valley is so steep and narrow
You get there from Sass Pordoi, descend to the Pordoi fork and, with your climbing skins on, you set off towards Val Mezdì. Here, you go upwards and to the left, to the Sella del Pisciadù. From here starts the spectacular descent to the refuge of the same name. Just above, you head off to the left and with the skins on you reach the entrance to the famous Setus. Seeing this departure point makes me shiver, this valley is so steep and narrow. But with excellent powdery snow, the descent is not as hard as it seems. After the first tight bends, the valley opens and the skis can curve nice and wide. The view from here is breathtaking. Stark walls line the sides of the valley, a charming grand canyon, almost to the bottom. Today, the Setus is the most beautiful, complete itinerary I have ever seen on the Sella. It offers everything: bare, wide, narrow, hard, dust and, above all, a wonderful atmosphere.

Pure Adrenalin!
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