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Claudia Orlandi Sunday, 16 December 2012

Now you can swim where once they used to dance

Can you see the pool, in which both the expert and not so good swimmers relax and work their way through a series of stokes, or are just nicely “shaken up” by the water jets of a hydro-massage? Well, some decades ago people were “shaken up” by something different. They bopped and danced away to very original music, even chasing after the female or male partner of their dreams. In fact, here you could find Club 44 (the civic number of the building), a piano bar that in the 60s used to liven up the nights in the valley and the lives of the La Perla guests.
Now you can swim where once they used to dance
Mister Costa used to get the party going: he has always been fond of music and entertainment. Who hasn’t heard one of his many anecdotes? The sound of music and laughing still echoes in the house, even though they have now moved the dance elsewhere. Nowadays, dances take place at the piano bar, where accomplished singers perform throughout the year. But our Ernesto has not stopped singing and he still grabs your arm to stop you and tell you one of his funny stories. And during the aperitifs in the kitchen, you can meet him with his “band”, ready to entertain you with his irresistible music: after all, Club 44 was not just a bar, but a way of living.

Claudia Orlandi
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