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Nicoletta Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Muscles need reawakening too!

Have you ever tried the joy of muscle reawakening at 1600 metres? ...I can assure you that it is one of the most pleasant and satisfying ways to start your day in style! Just try to imagine being in our spa, position yourself near the long window front which looks out on Col Alto, and now start to stretch out all your muscles with soft and slow movements, relaxing music accompanying you throughout.

Muscles need reawakening too!
Soft and slow stretching movements to please your spine
And should snowflakes be falling silently outside the occasion is all the more magical! I just love this moment in the day… it fills me with serenity, as well as being of great physical benefit. In summer the pleasure is of course assisted by an open air setting and the greenery around the hotel is uplifting, the blue of the sky inviting, and the crisp and oxygen loaded fresh air is truly invigorating. My body is alive with positive energy, and it is this force of Nature which I try to communicate to those guests that look to give a kick-start to their day and break away from their ordinary daily routine. Here at La Perla the Latin saying “Mens sana in corpore sano” is but a daily part of our ‘get up and go’ attitude!
Here is a little stretching exercise you can try at home even. First loosen your neck muscles. Position yourself with your legs slightly apart and with one ahead of the other. Keep your arms right down by your sides and make sure your shoulders are well open. Incline your head first to the right side – stay in this position for at least 10 seconds, and try not to lift your left shoulder – and after repeat the exercise on the other shoulder side. Next turn your head to the right and look to align your forehead to your shoulder, and again repeat on the other side. Very slowly create rotation, first in a clockwise sense and then in an anti-clockwise direction, always lifting your forehead upwards in a way so as to stretch out your neck muscles, and then lower the neck so as to touch the upper part of your breastbone and in so doing stretch your back muscles. All in all this should take just two minutes but if you do it every day your back muscles will certainly thank you.

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