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Elisabeth Saturday, 1 June 2013

Marilyn Monroe

The life of Marilyn Monroe is like a modern version of Cinderella: she was born in 1926 as an illegitimate child and, growing up in very modest surroundings, her childhood was far from carefree. But despite all this she made the leap into the world of the rich and famous, the world of glamour.
Marilyn Monroe
"In her, female nature had exceeded itself – she was considered an eternal icon, but also the world's coolest ever pin-up girl."
Norma Jean Mortenson had been richly endowed by Mother Nature. Like a seed determines the shape of a flower, she had lust, power, beauty and wisdom at her disposal. Her seductive red lips can still make men tremble at their knees; her radiant and dazzling smile, combined with a certain undefinable something in her glance – a single flicker of her eyelids could bring men dangerously close to a heart attack. But Marilyn was more than just a perfect body. She was a woman with special gifts. Not least her overwhelming charm, an invisible quality which is an indispensable part of true beauty. And then those curves! As far as the eye could see. Marilyn's unashamed sex appeal remains unique to this day. Her appearance made men crazy with desire. It did not matter at all that she was one of the most famous fake blondes of all time.
For the world, and especially for men, Marilyn was temptation incarnate, an erotic dream come true. But her personal, intimate diaries, poems and letters demonstrate that she was more than a curvaceous blond comedy star. These fragmented texts are often erratic and sometimes almost surreal, but also deeply poetic. They prove that Marilyn was a clever and gifted woman who tried desperately to change the image created of her by studio bosses and misogynist directors of her time. But for this she was not loved. The feeling of being unable to be herself led to self-doubt and deep unhappiness. She once said: "Deep down I have always felt that I'm not completely real. I believe that everyone feels like this from time to time. But in my case I sometimes think that I am an art object". Marilyn was depressive, ambitious, silly, happy-go-lucky and romantic but all the time, hidden behind her smile, was the fragile heart of Norma Jean Mortenson who felt used and exploited by the movie industry and by the world as a whole. Her character, her very existence developed into an art object and an embodiment of sex, to the point where this young woman, styled into a diva, simply could not take any more. Aged only 36, Marilyn Monroe died of a drugs overdose.

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