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michil Monday, 1 February 2016

Likes, dislikes, regrets

I would like the Apache to still roam the earth; they used to say, ‘Look at them as they rise, above the horizon, as you rise, guide us, be our teachers oh stars, teach us to be united like you are.’
Likes, dislikes, regrets
I like Bob Dylan who in his song blowing in the wind sings that one has to be quick to catch the answers that are blown by
I like my beloved wife. I like good intentions, even if the road to hell is paved with them. I like being a die-hard optimist. I dislike thoughtless promises and people who complain all the time. I like what the Dalai Lama once said, ‘If somebody is looking for a bin to throw all their trash into, make sure it’s not in your mind.’
I dislike blasphemous people with a passion. I would like the Apache to still roam the earth; they used to say, ‘Look at them as they rise/ above the horizon/ As you rise, guide us, be our teachers oh stars/ teach us to be united like you are.’ And I am sorry to see Europe fraying at the edges. No, I do not like people who erect barriers, I do not like the acts of violence carried out by the Chinese against the Tibetans, of multinational corporations against indigenous tribes; of the uncivilised against women in Cologne and I dislike people who pretend nothing has happened and who say ‘There’s nothing I can do about it’, to then maybe invest in European Funds which reclaim African and South American land. I do not like people promoting ‘made in Italy’ when they speculate on small companies to then blow their trumpets about it on TV; I do not like people touting to be green and believing in fair trade just for marketing benefits. I do not like banks to make a fool out of us, even South Tyrolean ones. And I do not like the fact that the COP21 in Paris was lauded as a success.
I like “Swordfishtrombones” by Tom Waits, an extraordinary poet. And I like the exhibition by Josef Kostner, the dissident whose works of art are displayed in our new offices. Take a look, it is well worth a visit. And Tim Buckley, and Bob Dylan who sings how the answers are blowing in the wind. I like South Tyrolean Pinot Noir. Yet even it cannot hold a candle up to the exquisite French one. I do not like scapegoats. I do not like people who erect barriers. I do not like evergreen cynics. I am sorry for Omar Sharif, the Panafrican dream of Lawrence of Arabia which vanished with him.
I like the Sassongher where every one-hundred years a sparrow polishes its beak against the limestone. And when that mountain will have ground down to nothing after the countless flights of the bird, time will continue flowing as though nothing had happened. That is what my teacher Lezuo told me. One day these mountains will all crumble into nothing, but I am not sorry about that. I do not like those tall hideous pillars mounted on the Gran Risa and La Villa.
I do not like the cars in illuminated displays in our mountain villages. They are like a Big Brother controlling consumers. That is what we are. Consumers.
I am sorry that I am not more coherent and radical with myself. But I like to think that I will be one day and that things may change. Sweetness: The Great Soul comes to mind, yes, I like Mahatma Gandhi, the gentle rebel, do you know of his salt march? And I love Jesus.
I really like looking at my mountains.
I like looking at the naked larches: they will grow back
I dislike habits, they slow down our senses, they hide the true nature of things. Habits make us stupid.
I like to think that the best year is yet to come and we still have to experience that crowning sense of beauty and that 2016 will be a better year than what the experience of the first month leads us to believe.

Michil Costa
Thoughts and reflections
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