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Irene Pollini Giolai Sunday, 23 December 2012

Gustav Willeit

With surprising ease he celebrates everything that is immensely powerful and moving. His studies at the "F+F Schule für Kunst und Mediendesign Zürich" have given him technical skills that clearly manifest themselves in a style of photography which supports his innate poetic vision of the world. Also here in this context we can find what we obsessively seek every day: Beauty.
Gustav Willeit
Nature has perfection, in order to show that it is the image of God, and defects, to show that it is only his image.
Blaise Pascal
Gustav Willeit was born in Brunico in South Tyrol and by his friends call him just ‘Gu’. He grew up in Corvara, a small pearl in the Val Badia Dolomites, but one not exactly corresponding to the best environment for the development of the artistic inclinations of the photographer. Therefore, he has an instinctive impulse to travel and an endless desire to discover new worlds. In the middle of the white winter snow and in the shadow of the mighty mountains that surround the valley, Gu developed a very rare sensitivity for Nature and man (as a concept). His pictures are stories about the human condition and its comparison to reality. It does not matter if this reality is a base camp on the highest peaks of the world, or that of a child's face whom perhaps Gustav has met during his travels. The force of his aesthetics is to show what we already have before our eyes. His images tell stories of ideal distant worlds which are drawn into close proximity, this thanks to the warmth and the intensity of the expressions, to the contrasts created, and at time also due to the loneliness which is transmitted via visions of immense spaces.

by Irene Pollini
Gustav Willeit
Gustav Willeit
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