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Joe Monday, 18 February 2013

Forgotten secrets

Tips to cure those daily inconveniences
Forgotten secrets

La perfetta donna di casa published by “Madre” is an oldish book I came across and cannot resist telling you about. Intended for those with claims to becoming the perfect housewife it has its modern day application – full of tips which may at first sight seem unusual to say the least but it really does on second thought become relevant to those small matters which impinge on the quality of our everyday life in this frantic world of today!
Take for example the dried up shoe polish. Throw away the tin would seem to be logical. No, not at all. All you need to do is soften it by adding a few drops of lukewarm milk. And why not brighten up that much used silver serving dish by submerging it in the water used to boil potatoes? Whilst to bring new life to the colors of your carpet there is no need for a monster vacuum cleaner – just spread on used dry tea leaves and sweep the carpet – dusty residue disappears as if by magic! Let’s not forget our culinary interests either – too much salt in a soup or stew can be remedied by adding small slices of uncooked potato.
Never say you don’t know how to!!


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