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Lucilla Incorvati Friday, 27 September 2013

Ethical investment for a greener economy

VEDOGREEN: a permanent observatory, an important reference point
Ethical investment for a greener economy
A large number of opinion leaders believe in the key role of green economy in reviving the Italian economy and in regaining international prestige. This the role of the Vedogreen platform.
Green economies may lead to new jobs: however, it really stands for a new source of hope for young people. 
What do agribusiness, sustainable architecture, chemical or engineering research with a focus on reducing gas and pollutant emissions in the environment have in common?
Moreover, what’s the link between eco-mobility and the creation of energy-efficient yet eco-friendly lighting or smart energy?
These are only some of the 10 areas which nowadays make up ‘green economy’, a field which shows all the signs of being a key player in revitalising the Italian economy, it only second to the tourism industry.
Two years ago, a young, skilled and persevering manager, Anna Lambiase, came up with the idea to unite all these fields. With a display of tremendous patience, she achieved her goal, enhancing the fields inherent scientific traits, adding value-added features, such as financial and economic analysis: thus, Vedogreen was born.
The idea went down a storm: such an initiative was absent from the market. Vedogreen is one, and yet many different things.
First of all, it’s the most comprehensive Italian database of its kind, listing more than three thousand companies, both quoted and unquoted. These are green companies. It’s a very diverse group: from quoted companies such as Terni Energia to unquoted ones, like Tecnico Casati Santarelli which provides assistance, consultancy and design of biomass supply chain services or re-forests exploited areas. Whoever wants to approach these green-minded industries in Italy can now count on this permanent reference point. Thanks to this platform ( Italian and foreign private and institutional investors can discover new business models, monitor trends and novelties in the field. Companies can display their profile and, should they want to attract capital, they can use the platform to be spotted by investors or start the procedure of being quoted on the stock market. Moreover, Vedogreen provides ethical and sustainable direct investments for green companies.
The green economy is the new driving motor of the Italian economy: this is supported by the latest Ispo research (an Italian survey research centre). Renato Mannheimer found a representative sample of opinion leaders who believe that the green economy will revitalise our country, create new jobs for younger generations and attract foreign investments. Supporting the green economy means reacquiring international prestige, but most important of all, it means setting a new path, protecting the wellbeing of nature and humankind.
Furthermore, thinking ‘green’ is not a ruse to solely obtain visibility, rather it really represents caring about the environment. When all is said and done, Vedogreen is the green way ahead.
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