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Sonia Sbolzani Saturday, 9 November 2013


"As hotel owners we try to educate guests about the Alps. In Alta Badia and other places in South Tyrol hotels have great collaborators, mountain guides, expert staff who accompany guests on excursions of varying difficulty. Well, these guys are certainly the most efficient teachers. They love Nature and pass on their respect and passion for these places to our guests. The values of silence and contemplation are fundamental dimensions you should regain during your free time; then, return to your daily life with them. I have been speaking for years about setting up an Esthetics Assessorate.". These the words of Michil Costa, rhapsode on Ladin soil of the quality and significance of kindness, a concept dear to and regularly expressed by his friend the Dalai Lama.

I've often wondered whether the civil passion of Michil, his inextinguishable efforts in opposing progress, which does not even hesitate in sacrificing beauty and tradition, are not slightly fanciful and to some extent pathetic, tantamount to the quixotic fight against windmills, even more so considering the current crisis. He says he's an optimist when looking at the Dolomites, because these give him a sense of peace and bliss. Therefore, he is unmovable in his personal 'battle' against the concept of 'more' (more traffic, more cable cars, more clubs, more roads, more SUVs. Etc.), because he believes in smart tourism, i.e. in a 'philosophy of hospitality' founded on the immense need of lentius profundius soavius (slower, deeper, sweeter) which people feel more and more (maybe unconsciously) the need for.

It's true, we should listen to our own voice more often, slip into the conviction that a better world is possible, believe in Beauty. The most important result will be awakening harmony from its slumber, even if we only catch a glimpse of it in a simple smile.

Sonia Sbolzani

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