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Michil Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Dalai Lama

Many and varied are the pearls of wisdom in “The Ocean of Knowledge”. I was fortunate enough a few weeks back, thanks to an invitation from my friend Lorenzo Dellai, to have first hand experience of such. The occasion was lunch with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
We cannot excuse you for the behaviour,
The Great China the Divide Empire
has fallen into dishonor;
politicians kill the monks
refusing the listen to reason
keep your hands off Tibet
keep your hands off Tibet, now!

“Inneres Auge”, Franco Battiato 2009
Unforgettable and inspirational are the words which come to mind when I recall the day: my heart still pounds and misses the odd beat at the thought of his radiant smile and the very warmth of his hand. To hear him speak of the 50 years of drama which Tibet has lived through and this notwithstanding for his humour and sense of being to shine through was remarkable, totally engaging and taught me a lot – lessons which I am still absorbing.
I would like to share one thought with you, one which when you take it in will surely fill you with positive energy. The XIV Dalai Lama told of a famous saying in Tibet: ‘If you lose your patience and become angry then it is best to bite your fist’. It means that even though you are angry and provoked you should not show it to others. It is sometimes best to swallow hard and react in a less blatant way.
I feel it appropriate to say in all sincerity to you, ‘tashi delek’ (TASHI is a word of well-wishing "that things may work out well for you" and DELEK means "universal peace"). It is in essence a wish for the liberation from ignorance and to the rigid adherence to the illusions of reality that are at the very heart of anger and hate.
On a more banal note we are happy to inform you that we open our doors for the new season in a few days and in our own way we will do all we can to make you feel at home and enjoy times together.
Dalai Lama
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