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Concetta Bonaldi Sunday, 16 June 2013

Biking in the Mountains

Pinarello is an Italian leader in the road bike sector. Founded by Giovanni and Carlo Pinarello in the 1940s the company has supported dozens of champions; from sprinters Cipollini and Petacchi to their good friend Miguel Indurain, and on to Bradley Wiggins, favourite for the last Giro d’Italia.
Biking in the Mountains
“My job is my passion; sometimes even fanatically…”
Fausto, you followed in your father’s footsteps as a bike manufacturer: what does the bicycle mean to you?
It is a part of our family’s DNA, needless to say it’s my favourite sport. My job is my passion; sometimes even fanatically, it makes me do things far beyond the call of bike making: like organising events, or following groups of professional cyclists.

When you pedal, despite the fatigue, can you see the beauty of the mountains?
I prefer to look down because of altitude sickness, but I love the day they hold the Maratona Dles Dolomites: the spectacle on the bends at Pordoi or Sella, the sun rising and the many “slow, orderly and silent ants”.

Does doping damage bike sales?
Today we sell more bikes than we did 30 years ago. We have to ensure greater awareness among the young, doping is bad for you! We need to change the culture.

Pinarello’s future includes the mountain bike.
We made the first one in 1995, but decided to focus on what we did best, and the Americans were certainly stronger. Now we are pleased to see that those who know our brand also buy our mountain bikes.

And in the Dolomites, a racing bike or a mountain bike?
Racing bike, even though I will soon be doing the circuit on a mountain bike. I also like to walk. The Dolomites really are uniquely beautiful.

Concetta Bonaldi
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