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Egle Chesta

Egle is more than just a beautician, she's an aesthete, she understands beauty and art. She loves silence and everything that within the silence. It must be down to her Provençal temperament, much like ours. She loves meditating as she walks along the paths and travelling to discover new worlds. She's worked in Capri, Montecarlo, Paris, Saint Moritz, Alta Badia. She's actively participated in the transformation of Eghes Sanes, the spa of our Hotel, in surroundings which are ethereal, soft, graceful and tranquil. Ah, and she always greets you with a smile.
Egle Chesta Tuesday, 29 April 2014
Bun dé, namasté and the voice of the clouds.
A welcome sound, a sense of joy, this is the Bun dè of this hotel.
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