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Arturo Spicocchi Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Star in the midst of the Dolomites

A justification is needed for what we consider to be good in the kitchen. If we always prepare dishes in the same way they will of course be professional, impeccable, perfect. But over time a problem will arise. The mechanical aspect of preparing the dish will cancel out all of its identity.
A Star in the midst of the Dolomites
“A meat stuffed olive rolling around in the midst of traditional dishes. It's like a bale of hay in the mountain pastures. A pine tree says hello. It replies with a smile.”
In the Michelin Star restaurant of Stüa de Michil, this is a risk we never run. Because when we cook here, we always try to create dishes which are a never ending surprise, fruit of an insatiable curiosity, a curiosity which leaves the door open for the unexpected. The sun, the clouds, the rain, the snow and the wind are all ingredients which accompany every dish. In this way, just like in art, what is good becomes something which is only possible, it transforms into something which is justified and leads to the words: this dish should have been different, but today, this is it.

A flower, a seasonal vegetable, locally sourced produce, fair-trade produce, organic ingredients which combine with the mood, inspiration, feelings of those who work in the kitchen everyday with passion. I allow myself to be blinded by the light, by a dark crevice in the rock, by an unexpected perfume, by a winding mountain road over which I have control on my bike. My cooking is part of a process which can change, a process which can lead us to a different view, to new emotions.

A meat stuffed olive rolling around in the midst of traditional dishes It's like a bale of hay in the mountain pastures. A pine tree says hello. It replies with a smile. And then evening comes and here in the Stüa de Michil a star shines with a new spirit.

Arturo Spicocchi
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