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Nicolò Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A Ladino Chalet

One of the oldest houses in the village. The oldest vocation. The wood creaks and the objects talk. About intimacy, composure, grace. The windows are framed by wooden slats. Light filters though with extreme delicacy. Everything in this house is suspended, as if time has stood still. 
A Ladino Chalet
“One of the oldest houses in the village, the oldest vocation and a dream which has become a reality: that of giving back to Ladinia the aura of pure authenticity which belongs there.”
Simplicity has a great quality: it makes everything immediate, perceptible, accessible. More than just a house, a retreat for the body and the soul. Here less is more. And I think that's a good principle to live by. The great designer Vico Magistretti claimed that less is more. This is true not just about design but in general given that we live in a world of excess, in everything that surrounds us. Here you can enjoy a stube with a basic shape, simple rooms with small bathrooms, a wine list based on small productions of great quality, just a few dishes but all cooked with passion, with an eye for the raw materials of the area, the smiling faces of all the staff, young, willing and enthusiastic to participate in the “Ladinia” project. If each of us, with no exceptions, were to cultivate one real dream. Giving back to Ladinia, with our commitment and energy, the aura that belongs to it and makes it so characteristic, authentic and special. 
It's good to see that the locals come here to eat, as if the memory that binds were never broken. It's good to see that the guests feel immediately at home, in tune with the spirit of this place, enveloping the essence of the mountains and the ladina hospitality. It's good to have the support of the Costa family, providing confidence and tranquillity.
It's good to see that this small great house is alive again.

Nicolò Bagna
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