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Haig Barclay Saturday, 19 January 2013

A kingly breakfast

Did I deserve this breakfast treat? Kingly! A breakfast royal ‘fit for a king’.
A kingly breakfast
Ladin artwork and contemporary elegance gel wonderfully
7.10 a.m. and busy, immaculately dressed waitresseses greet me in a friendly but not too informal way. My name is known, and the news-sheet in English is brought to me by Franco - a chatty style with hints and a rare fact or two keep me company. I refer to the news-sheet and to Franco, for I have already understood that this bubbly character is something of an institution here at La Perla. The house daily is without errors and I can’t believe that Franco would ever be guilty of an inaccuracy either.
I note that the architectural style in this breakfast wing is different in that it is the only part not reconstructed after the 1975 fire. Black granite stone in a crazy paving mosaic warms the floor, giant windows give out on an enviable panorama embracing the very first houses in Corvara’s history.
Outside, a snowcannon is at work - the programmed activity stops for no man. Artificial the snow may be but as Mathias Costa - the ski teacher brother of this family run hotel - has informed me, there is nothing artificial about this wing. Ladin artwork and contemporary elegance gel wonderfully. Better taste than mine is at play here!
And the buffet is something special too! Butter from a local farmstead, biological products, baked tarts with fresh fruit jams. Delicious is the word! Two large centre tables have a display of white orchids radiating strength and calm – just what I need for my ski day ahead! How cool the open view kitchen with 3 original Tyrolean style ovens and all needed for prep of special requests. My choice falls on an omelette with a generous smattering of local speck - a touch of colour to the fresher than fresh egg mix. I can’t really justify having a crepe but that ‘eco-sustainable’ chocolate may well tempt me tomorrow morning. Is there no end to temptation here?
A whir of a motor brings me back to reality. Into view has come a yellow monster, more suitable to a James Bond film than the dreamlike meadows outside. Now I understand. It’s 7.30 and the night shift end for the snowcat and its operator. He steps down from his ‘slope preparation’ companion, face evidently tired but also seemingly content for a job well done, and looks intently towards La Perla. There is a real hive of activity now and Alex the chef I met yesterday is about to start his shift.
I decide to make my way but not far do I go. Adjacent is the reading lounge and the log fire is alight. I draw up a chair, pull down a newspaper and I muse on how a King would feel here and now. Satisfied and content I imagine.
I smile to myself as I see in the adjoining lounge bar the snowcat operator make his entrance.
A coffee is immediately set before him and he too must relish the kingly treatment this hotel provides.

Haig Barclay
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