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Mathias Monday, 4 February 2013

Renting a bike

Pinarello’s staff are loyal professionals who work with one objective in mind – summed up in the word excellence, for only in this way can the word "Pinarello" be given to the bikes they produce.
Renting a bike
Included and available to try in this programme elaboration is the Road Bike of all road bikes: Pinarello DOGMA 65.1 Think 2, the bike used by Team SKY and Movistar champions, and for those guests of ours who are more into OFFROAD, there will be the really special opportunity to try out the new Pinarello DOGMA XC 29" Asymmetric, the new jewel in the crown of this Treviso based company. Perhaps it is the case to leave your own bike at home! Also to give you that champion feeling a technical consultant and mechanic will be permanently on hand to advise and assist you. The daily control of your bike by Pinarello staff will ensure you and your bike are in perfect condition to face the Dolomite route which awaits you.
DOGMA 65.1 Think 2
The bikes used by Team Sky and Movistar are the first asymmetric bikes in the world and are protected by a worldwide patent. In simple terms the left and right sides of the bike are different. They have been produced using exclusive Torayca 65ton1K carbon and adopting Nanoalloy technology. Mark Cavendish after first testing the bike proclaimed it as "the perfect bike!"

DOGMA XC 29" Asymmetric
A mix of innovative ideas, starting with the rear asymmetric Twin Arms frame, and then the Fork Stopper, taken from motorbike technology. These are the real secrets of the DOGMA XC, and the new PINAFIT system: the perfect triangular front which gives an extraordinary stableness as similar to that of a road bike. Carbon direct from the DOGMA ROAD … Carbon Torayca 60ton1K for excellent performance. "I did not think it possible to invent something new on the MTB Front" was on acclamation from a sector leading world magazine.
Renting a bike
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