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Stefan Monday, 24 December 2012


It is easy to hide away amongst the books, relish the silence, and take in the pleasing smell of the local larch wood. It also functions as our veranda and enjoys a spectacular view of Sassongher. As you have guessed it is our reading room too.
Being a very adapatable room we sometimes for special occasions transform it into a small dining room and on such occasions it is clear that the silence is replaced by joyful voices full of party spirit
We stated with just an odd book or two but now all the books from all over the hotel find repose here. Others have been gifted to us or simply left behind and now we have begun to order them well in the typical ‘cupboard windows’ as they are known in German, their double window construction giving a lot of space to arrange in keeping with the antque ‘Kastenfenster’ tradition.
Apart from the stated used it has also become over the last couple of years a smoking area for those wishing to enjoy a cigarette or cigar – especially in the cold winter months. The antique ‘stufa’, dating back to the end of the 9th century is in majolica and comes from Val Venosta. We still fill her up with wood to generate a cosy warmth.
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