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Egle Chesta Saturday, 5 July 2014

Health and Beauty

The absence of words is sometimes a presence.  The presence of the person who moves through you without making a sound, who knows you without talking and who knows how to embrace you without having you in their arms.  With the soul, without fanfare, but as hard as they can.
[A. De Pascalis]
Health and Beauty
"The beauty of things is in the mind of those who observe them and varies depending on the emotions it arouses in them."
A chill suddenly seizes me, I look at the Sassongher and the clouds dance around it, my eyelids suddenly become weightless, my breathing slows down. A scent of incense fills the House and invites me to follow. Where will the intense aroma which pervades my soul take me, where did this vibration that makes my senses dance come from? 
I go downstairs and find myself at the door of Eghes Sanes, the spa of the House.  The Tibetan bells are ringing, the energy of the vibrations invites us to take a break in a mysterious world, the world of silence which is within each and every one of us, in which the absence of words says more than the words themselves. 
A ritual that changes every day is part of this journey.  A tea or herbal tea intoxicate the taste buds, the therapists with their hands and clever touches lighten the body and mind by infusing well-being and relaxation. 
Dear guest, this is the Eghes Sanes Spa. Silence begins every day, from 6 pm. And in the silence, we take care of you.  Leave your phone and the thoughts of the day, enjoy this moment because you deserve it and because for us, you are unique.
Let yourself go under the gentle yet skilled hands of Nicoletta, Magdalena and Federica.Our massages, facials and body treatments, the rituals, are fibre, caresses, hugs and emotions. It all begins with a touch, like a small spark releasing energy. You will feel yourself go under the warmth of expert hands and the flow of sensations. It is the premise for a holistic path which works in harmony on your body and your mind, an experience that invites you to let you go.  
Our treatments will take you far away, they will accompany you in the total abandonment of yourself and suggest the beginning of a dream uncovering dimensions where, "inside" and "outside," head, heart and body are one and the same. 

The use of the Spa area for children under 14 years of age is allowed until 06.00 p.m.

Egle Chesta
Health and Beauty
Health and Beauty
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