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Nicoletta Monday, 24 December 2012

Health and Beauty

So, here we are in Wellness World – a small oasis of "health and beauty" where peace and relaxation take over from the word "stress".
There is nothing better than after a day on the slopes or a long walk than to’ dive’ into our swimming pool, even if strictly speaking diving is forbidde.
Health and Beauty
The beauty of things is in the mind of those who observe them and varies depending on the emotions it arouses in them …
But as we know there is always some small and cheeky one that manages to avoid our eye! And what a satisfaction it is to sink down into the pool and look from the enormous windows to see huge flakes of snow covering in a white forming mantle everything they touch.
When the hydromassage system is operating to the full in the pool it really is a dreamland of a place for the young ones, even if for the duration silence is not the order of the day.
But not to worrt for any slight inconvenience is immediately resolved - just go through the appropriate door and we enter the part reserved to adults and here two large Finnish saunas set at 87° e 65° take pride of place, and there is also a Turkish Bath built in a cute igloo form, and a relaxation area constructed entirely in antique wood. If your legs are still suufering then take advantage of the Kneipp cure, two water pools of 36° and 10° - a great way to stimulate and restore blood circulation.
... What else?
Well, for those in need and also for those looking for a little tender loving care there are both holistic and therapeutic massages, face treatments, and relaxing baths.
And to complete your visit in style what about having a nice hot herbal tea by the roaring fire…warm up your heart and your soul.

Access to the Spa is allowed to adults above the age of 16, children can stay until 4 p.m. in summer and until 3 p.m. in winter.
Health and Beauty
Health and Beauty
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