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Artur Monday, 24 December 2012

Fireside lounge

It’s true. The lounge area is enhanced by the chimney fireplace and the log fire, it creating that particular atmosphere that only a fire and chimney in a mountain setting can produce.
Fireside lounge
Your favourite place to wind down and relax!
Its importance might surprise you but I am a technical kind and I know that what makes the difference is the wood we choose to burn, the drying procedure we subject the wood to, the cooling down times which we respect - as was once normal but no longer is -, and of course the regular visit of the chimneysweep which we never forget to book! All this tender loving care contributes to making this room if not the most princely of all then certainly an area of comfortable and cosy elegance. There several mirrors adorning the wall, vivid bright colours abound, and there is even a way of dividing the room in two depending on the use intended. Sometimes for example it is the setting for a pre-dinner aperitif on particular occasions. I am sure it will soon become your favourite place to wind down and relax. Even if close to the bar it enjoys a certain calm and all you need to do is find a comfy settee or armchair, or even a table for a board game or game of cards. You can also serve yourself of a newspaper, a magazine or monthly review. Other distractions there are not but of course you can always spend a bit of time checking yourself out in one of the mirrors – but I can’t guarantee that you will recognise yourself.
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