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Manuel Friday, 21 September 2012

Shared values

Over recent years at La Perla certain Values have come to be of fundamental importance and although they need not necessarily be shared by others, I would like to illustrate them to you, for be you a habitual client, a future guest, or future collaborator in one dimension or another, it has become of prime importance for us to communicate these things. These 7 guidelines are important for all we do – and I mention among these eleements: company philosophy, purchasing, staffing. Indeed any of our actions and behaviour in general rotate around them for they determine our interaction with all the persons of this our beloved planet...
Shared values
Ladies and Gentlemen. It is my great pleasure to introduce to you our 7 fundamental Values
Guest individuality. Our wish is that every guest (not client!) staying with us feels at ease and that due attention is being paid to every need and that time spent here is ‘a different time’ spent away from whichever normal routine one might have: each smile needs to be sincere and authentic. Celebration of the individual without servitude is our approach. Quality of course is essential because we want to give to the guest more then he or she expects. Let’s also speak a little about ourselves. The word guest stands for the person hosting as well as the person being hosted. As hosts we too are esteemed guests! Therefore we take good care of ourselves also - good inside and good outside too! We are not table cleaners nor baggage boys but we are competent, serious, and professional, and we are well informed on the place we work and live. We greet guests by presenting ourselves well and this we are able to do by taking good care of ourselves first! The Costa family tell us often that we staff are the greatest patrimony the hotel has and they also remind us that the words ‘visitor’ and ‘guest’ -hospes e hostis- have the same root. I host and I enrich myself from the presence of the other – from his knowledge and his culture.

Silence. Words are precious but more precious still is silence. Here at La Perla loud voices and exaggerated action are not the norm but softtones and thoughtful action certainly are. Take in the looks and the discreet gestures; silence at times says more than words and there is greater force in saying little than saying a lot.

Energy. Serenity is contagious! Serenity is not a mood but it is a way to face up to the things life throws at us. It is an ability to control the situations, even the most difficult ones. We all have a cloud or two hanging over us but to be serene means to be without dark heavy permanent and threatening clouds. Serenity means being well and feeling good, both for our own sake and for the sake of others too. Being well means understanding that life is a wonderful gift. Let’s make use of the energy the earth gives us. When there is no energy there is no colour or warmth, nor form or shape to anything, nor life. The Dolomites are pure energy. It is a strength to use in a positive fashion. Energy is not a product but it is a producer. It is a strength to use positively.

Family. We are one big family. The family respects the rules withing and operates in full respect of these in taking forward shared projects. The family is the whole of similar things. It is the place where we can be at the heart of things and it is the place where we feel at ease. Trust and respect are the fundamentals of whatever relationship and such is never built by demonstrations of anger. War begins in the minds of men. It is not the rifle which kills but the emotion which leads one to press the trigger. Shows of anger are only ways of declaring war on the past, on another person, on ourselves.

Etiquette (….everything will go fine here) .... That is if we understand that we will never be alone and that we will not be the last ones to inhabit this planet. Etiquette obliges us to respect Nature. Nature has rights and we have the courage and the duty to defend it for after all we too are part of Nature. We give priority to an ecological form of life, to biological produce and to fairtrade produce. Winter raspberries are neither sincere nor authentic. We also want to dedicate a though to those who are a lot less better off than we are, and through the Costa Family Foundation we not only can but we must help those who are in difficulty.

Culture and Ladin Tradition. Culture is humanity’s most ambitious objective. We live in a Ladin valley, the Ladin traditions being thousands of yers old and it is an authentic element of our identity and as such we wish to communicate it. I give you and example of how we greet a person in Ladin, “Bun dé, co vala pa?”

Beauty. Beauty is absolute and not subjective. Beauty is everywhere, you just need to recognise and accept it. Beauty is being able to do something for another person and making that person happy. The traveler finds serenity in a search of his or her soul. It was Goethe who said that beauty is the most welcome of guests.

And it is with Beauty in mind that the Costa Family and the large group of staff, employing no particular gimmicks but with just a conviction in the right of what one and all are doing, attempt to render your time here an unforgettable experience and so create that authentic smile which establishes a knowing bond between Nature, Guest and La Perla itself.

A bën chël? A chël bën! La va pa bën!
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