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Marco Friday, 7 December 2012

Our homeland

As inviting as our exaltation “Come and see for yourself” might be and however persuasive the advice of those who have already visited certainly is, here you will experience emotions which are not possible to describe nor to make a photograph of.
Our homeland
To best describe this place we can only say one thing: ...”Come and see for yourself!”
Our ‘Ladinia’, as the locals like to refer to it as, but better known to all as the Dolomities, is just like the wonderful collections of fascinating objects of Annie Costa: a singular and magical world.
Although relatively small, geographically speaking, one can pass a whole life here without tiring of the richness of diversity and beauty.
Often in the local press appear small articles telling of visitors who have been coming here on holiday for 40,50,60, or even 70 years, and their loyalty to the valley is unquestioned. I can well understand this for whoever appreciates Nature and the story of a people and their endeavours and exploits will fall under the spell of this little slice of ‘Paradise Lost’ – I would even claim that the whole Paradise cake itself is to be found here!
The Ladin people, who from time immemorial have lived here in the Dolomites are well aware of and proud of its heritage, never cease to impress with the wise ways they have of managing this environment. Not only the perfectly formed mountains extending an invitation to human discovery and offering fertile ground for many interests appeal to and become part of our inner soul for ever, but also the character and ways of the local inhabitants impress deeply. Long have these inhabitants been diligent in preserving a singular identity made up of traditions and notions of harmony which impact upon the landscape and at time make it almost fairytale-esque.
The flowerbox displays on the balconies radiate joy, the meadows are examples of perfection, the use made of wood to build and decorate houses is an art form, and the animals out grazing add to the rural dreams of young and old alike.
In a historical sense the development of the area has been a consequence of its proximity to borders. Part of the Austrian Tyrol for 400 years it was in the pacts following the First World War acceeded to Italy (1919). The traditional Ladin and Austrian Alpine traits remain strong and the intriguing mix gives rise to a series of fascinating combinations and outstanding achievements.
From a sporting stance it should be said that some of the greatest mountaineers of all time have come from this mountain area and the case remains so today, the walls and peaks of every shape and form offering unforgettable experiences to climbers of all levels. It is easy to recall the 18th century exploits of pioneers from many European countries and the modern day conquests of leading climbers brought up and developed on the Dolomite ascents. We can also go on to say that a huge array of skiers, hikers, cyclists, paragliders, mushroom pickers, and other groups of many descriptions, have found the perfect location to perform and indulge their passion in an unforgettable setting.
In conclusion it is easy to see why we feel obliged to inform of and share lifes’ sensations, for as dear Ettore Barnabei teaches us “we are here at a step from heaven”, and not really wishing to come back down to reality we ask you also to join us in teaching the world the contemplation, respect, and love we have for all that which we received freely: our home land.
Our homeland
Our homeland
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