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Alexander Egger Friday, 21 September 2012

Family Costa

The name itself, “La Perla” , gives immediately a certain sense of distinction. Not a diamond which only a few can possess such is its brilliance and perfection of form.
Family Costa
A real pearl thanks to the Family Costa
No, ‘La Perla’ is something more straightforward, a sort of sobre elegance demonstrating a love for those most important elements of life’s values. This combination of aspects makes “La Perla” a real reference point for guests and its extended tem of staff and collaborators – it is in all senses a real “home”. I myself work here not to become famous, nor for appearance sake, and certainly not for the notoreity that my work could bring me in this world of ours. I continue here because I really feel good here and having said this I cannot know not tell you the reasons behind such sense of ease. I name names and it is signore and signora Costa, a couple who started all from scratch, who have succeeded in creating all of this from a meagre beginning. At the time they began, when taxes were really high, it certainly was not easy to undertake such an ambitious project. They are a couple united by a rare and special charateristic – they have great belief and a shared entrepreneurial vision which time and time again manifests itself in a consideration of the valley and the people where they live and who they belong to. “La Perla” is nothing but the result of hard work, a passion and determination displayed by the Costas and their family all, who have always sought to keep alive the traditions and culture of Val Badia. Perhaps it is the “stube” which represents the most shining example of what I mean. They originate from Ladin farmsteads and they were brought to this house by signor Costa, he preserving and respecting the original items and demonstrating a passion for detail. To him goes the credit for having recognised the particular character and value of the “stube”. And time has proved him right: guests love the “stube”, rich in history that they are. La “stube” is a place in which the guest has the opportunity to reflect and to live a sense of the family intimacy, a place where basic core values are not forced down you but are tangible. I like to compare this house to a tree. Its roots are really deep and strongly earthed. They provide the solid base which allows the trunk to grow in height. In life itself it is important never to loose sight of one’s roots and one’s place of origin because they are our retreats in the difficult and trying moments of life. The roots are the hiden part of the tree. They represent the effort, the commitment, and even at time the sacrifices which signore and signora Costa have had to face up to in order to realise their project. The foliage which extends up high towards the sky is the visible part. It represents the fruits the tree has given, as well as the hope for more good things to come. The task of the Costa sons will be that of continuing to take care of the tree, and never to foreget the hard work of their parents. When signor Costa speaks with me I always focus and pay attention. He is a teacher of life and a sort of second father to me. Signora Costa is like a mother, I can tell her all my secrets and concerns. My respect goes to both of them. Their honest endeavour has made the hotel what it is and their attention to each and every member of staff binds us all together and gives us a great motivation. I appreciate and admire the values that this Family transmits on a daily basis to guests and staff alike.
They are the values which tie me so very much to this house and which represent the main reason I am proud to work for them.
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